Saturday, February 21, 2009

What are the strongest type of eye glasses?

i have Titanium glasses, for football. is there any stronger element used in glasses?is titanium strong enough anyway?

Titanium glasses are great however they can still be weak at the solder points. (bridge, and temple areas that have been fused together)

If you want something good for football go with a product like RecSpec and be sure you are using polycarbonate lenses. Granted recspec glasses are not attractive, they are far more durable and safe.

My daughter had a pair of glasses made out of titanium. However, they broke as soon as her little sister accidentally stepped on them. We checked into getting them welded back together but unfortunately, it turned out that titanium doesn't behave like other metals and requires special training to work with it. At that time, we were on vacation when that happened and the only person in town who could do the job was also away on vacation.

Besides the light weight, are there any advantages to titanium frames on eye glasses?

It is hypo-allergenic, so much better for your skin. Also, if they do break, say in an automobile crash, they are less likey to splinter and jab a piece in your eye.

I know that my next pair of glasses has to be titanium, because the metal on my current glasses turns green, and my skin green. I had to have plastic shields put on the arms so the skin on my temples doesn't turn green. I guess I'm extremely sensitive to regular metal, and was advised that titanium wouldn't do this.

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