Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is there a thin lenses for astigmatism eye glasses?

With all these high tech and uptodate procedures, did anybody come up to replace those ugly thick-lensed eye glasses?

There are thinner and more light weight materials available for astigmatism, but cosmetically they still aren't always great. A good provider will tell you if you are a poor candidate for glasses and should be honest about the cosmetic appearance of the glasses he/she recommends.
For the thinnest lens, you want to look for a "high index" material (1.67, 1.70) with an "aspheric" design. This will give you the thinnest, flattest shape possible. These options will cost more but are worth it!
For someone with a strong correction, frame style is important too. You want to choose a frame that helps to mask some of the thickness of the lens, not emphasize it. Try to avoid drill mount frames, as they typically can't handle the weight of a thick lens.

You can get thinner lenses, but they cost more. I am 25 and have horrid astigmatism (5 diopters in each eye) and I know this because I was going to get glasses, but the optometrist was literally trying to charge me a couple hundred for one pair of glasses. This is why I am currently wearing contacts.

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