Sunday, December 21, 2008

Contact lense dry, irritate and itch my eyes?

I have never been able to wear contact lenses comfortably. I am 38 now and ive been struggling with them on and off since I was 16. Nowadays I use Baush and Lomb soft disposables, and wear them just for 2-4 hrs every other day or so, when I go out.
If I wear them longer, or god forbid wear them on the comp, my eyes just swll up, and feel itchy and heavy and dry.
I probably need good water hydrated ones, but bear in mind nothing has worked. It would be great to get a solution, because I look like a jackass in spectacles.

Probably you're suffering from the dry eyes.
Apply artificial tear drops as required.
Use humidifiers in your home, especially if you have central heating.
Drink plenty of fluids to keep the body well hydrated. Just pure water, avoid coffee and soft drinks.
Try to blink your eyes often to produce more tears especially when you are concentrating on a task.
Try to avoid fumes, dust and smoke which can irritate your eyes.
Try not to rub your eyes as this may make them sore.
Wear wrap-around sunglasses outdoors to stop the wind drying your eyes too quickly.
when you wear your contacts, use a "wet solution " to keep your eyes more hyrated, and less irritated.
Take fish oil supplements - 1000 mg, 3/day.
Evening primrose oil: 500 mg, 3/ day.

Its probably that you have dry eye syndrome - my optician described it thus: When you wear contact lenses, your eyes dry out quicker, meaning that your eyes have to produce more tears to keep your eyes lubricated - but they are only able to do this for a certain period, and then they get 'tired', hence contact lens wearers usually get dry eyes after wearing their lenses for extended periods of time. I use the Bausch and Lomb soflens 66's, and find i get the same issues - i can wear mine for a bit longer than you, but they are still terribly uncomfortable and make my eyes red, itchy and very dry. I believe they are of a fairly high water content, so can make already dry eyes worse. I'd suggest trialing one of the new types of silicone hydrogel lenses, which are supposed to be very good for oxygen permeation, or else trying lenses with a LOWER water content. There are a few now that are supposed to be good:
Acuvue advance, Purevision, Proclear, Acuvue moist and Acuvue Oaysys.
Can't hurt but try, can it? You never know, you may find your ideal lenses by trying out a few!

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