Sunday, December 21, 2008

Contact Lense infection.

k im using 30 nights and days contact lenses and i didnt remove them from my eyes for 30 days it is about 6 months that when i remove my contact lense my eyes itch and i feel pain around my eyes but when i put my contact lenses in my eyes all thing return to normal do i have infection please is about 9 hours that i have this problem
It sounds like an infection. A friend of mine did the same thing and went to the doctor. They gave him some medication for his eyes and he had to wear glasses for a week until the eyes cleared up.

Your eyes are probably just really used to having the contacts on. That happens with me, and I only wear them during the day (although I wouldn't say i feel PAIN). You should talk to your doctor just to be safe...maybe you do have an infection.
Personal opinion: Give your eyeballs a chance to breathe...wear regular daytime only contacts. I know they say those 30 day ones are breathable, but only to an extent really.
I use the same contacts. Once a week you are supposed to remove them, and sleep without them. I have also done the same as you, and did end up with an infection.
Go to the doctor. They will give you drops for your eyes (to treat the infection) and new contacts. Do not continue to wear the contacts that are in your eyes.

Contact lens infection?
I fell asleep wearing my colored contact lenses on the plane. When I removed my lenses, I was already wearing them for over 12 hours. my eyes were red and I was unable to keep them open. They don't itch and there is no discharge but they hurt when I try to keep them open for longer than a few seconds.
I tried spalshing them wih cold water and using cold milk over my eyes but nothing seems to be working. Please help. It's hurting a lot and I just want to be able to use my eyes normally.

You'll be okay. The reason your eyes hurt is because when you sleep, your eyes reduce the amount of tears they make, which means your contacts dry out while they're in your eyes. The dry contacts rub against your eyes, causing irritation. This isn't an infection.
You should take your lenses out of your eyes for about 24 hours to let your eyes rest. Try not to sleep with your lenses in. An over the counter painkiller will help you feel better also.

i have colored contacts and one i fell asleep but thats happended but to only one eye. i wore my glasses for a couple days and it got better. dry visine. leave our contacts out for a couple days

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