Monday, November 24, 2008

Is a astigmatism permanatley cureable with glasses, or do i have to wear them for my whole life?

And if my eyes are compensating for the astigmatism, isn't that a good thing? Why do I still have to wear glasses? before i was diagnosed, i didn't get headaches or anything?

I think way too many people get glasses because of temporary headaches or very minor blurr. I also think that a few doctors sneak them in to make a little more money. If I were given glasses for headaches and the headaches went away while I was not wearing glasses, I would not wear the glasses.
Our vision is not fixed. It often changes anywhere from a quarter to three quaters of a diopter daily and even hourly. I also believe that astigmatism is caused by irregular muscle tension around the eye. It is proved to me every time one of my students reduce their astigmatism prescription.
If a person does not see any multiple images while looking at the moon(a high contrast object) they usually don't have enough astigmatism to worry about.
Just some basic info: Astigmatism is impossible to correct with glasses. When we tilt our head our eyes stay horizontal while our glasses follow our head. We can see this by looking closely at our eyes in the mirror and tilting our head.

Glasses do not cure any kind of prescription.
Wearing glasses corrects your prescription short-sighted, long-sighted or astigmatic. When you take the glasses off their effects stop. Glasses cannot alter your eyes in any way, this is why the old-wives-tale saying you become dependent on glasses is a complete lie.
Your eyes do not compensate for a prescription so no, it is not good to not wear the glasses. It doesn't matter what symptoms you were or weren't getting, you'll have been prescribed them because you need them, possibly to make your eyes relaxed and to see better.

I am afraid the glasses are a management, not a treatment.

Can you wear color contacts if you have an astigmatism?

I have an astigmatism in one eye and I have the plainest brwon eyes ever. I want contacts but I don't know if I can't wear normal ones because of my eye.
They do make contacts for astigmatism (if you've seen the commercial with the twins...). I'm sure they make them in nonperscription too, just go to your eye doctor and ask for them.

Why do people with astigmatism have to get clear lenses?
I have astigmatism & I heard that you can only get clear contact lenses. I want to know why?And what if I wanted to get a box of colored ones too,would they work or no?

There are colored lenses for astigmatism, but the powers available are quite limited.
Freshlook Toric colors.
As far as toric lenses go ( for astigmatism)...they aren't all that good a lens for most people.
There are also Durasoft 2& 3 color torics that come in most prescriptions, but they are a conventional lens, ( non-disposable)..they are expensive and tear easy....and aren't a very healthy lens to wear compared to disposables.
If you require special toric lenses for your astigmatism, but get lenses that aren't...then you just won't be seeing very well with them, so what's the point ?
If your astigmatism isn't within the parameters of the Freshlook Color torics, then you will just have to be happy with what you were born with...sorry.

So they make color contacts for people with astigmatism?
I just got contacts and i have a slight astigmatism. I was told that i couldn't get color contacts because of this and if i did they wouldn't allow my eyes to breath as much as clear, but i have seen some that say for astigmatism. Are they really out there?

i dont think so ... my sister has that and since when you wear color contacts sometimes you are looking through the color and it gets burry ... the color printed plus half of it more than the other on one contact is hard for you to see..

What are the causes of astigmatism and how can we cure it?

Astigmatism is a condition where the cornea has an irregular shape that causes problems with vision. The cornea, the clear covering of the lens and iris, serves as a protection to the eye and helps transmit light through the eye. The cornea is normally spherical in shape, but those with astigmatism may have their cornea more oval shaped. This oval shaping causes light to scatter instead of focusing to a single point as it passes through the cornea and results in blurred vision.
LASIK Surgery for Astigmatism
A common misconception is that LASIK eye surgery doesn't apply to astigmatism, but that's false.
LASIK eye surgery is by far the most commonly selected procedure for refractive eye surgery. During the LASIK procedure, a small incision creates a corneal flap and an excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea. The excimer laser is different from other lasers in that it doesn't produce heat. Once the procedure has been completed, the corneal flap is repositioned normally and the healing process begins. Most people can notice quite an improvement in vision immediately upon completion of the procedure.

cant cure it but you can treat it, its caused by genetics . Both glasses and contacts all those help but they have to be special made. I have astigmatism, if your like me and its only to a small degree you can wear regular contacts and glasses and wont affect vision much. But if the astigmatism is of a higher degree you will need special made contacts and i think acuvue makes a mass produced one called acuvue with astigmatism.

What's the difference between Myopia and Astigmatism. Can you have astigmatism without having myopia?

I just got a prescription for glasses because I have a mild astigmatism in both my eyes. Does that mean I'm nearsighted as well because distances are blurry for me? When I wear my glasses to read I get kind of dizzy - should I just use them for distances?

to read your prescription it would show a number such as this:-1.25-.50 x140.....The first number represents the power needed to bring far objects closer. This is known as the sphere. The second number is called the cylinder. Any time you have a cylinder it means there is an astigmatism present. The last number is the axis. The axis is the direction by which light will pass through the lens so that objects will come into better focus. When you have the first number only ,then you have simple myopia. The negative sign is representing nearsightedness. Had it been a plus sign it would be farsightedness or hyperopia. When your prescription is compounded with the second and third number then it means astigmatism.

no, often they don't occur together. Myopia, or nearsightedness, occurs when our eye is too long, from cornea to retina, so the focus point isn't i the right place for far away objects.. this causes images to focus unclearly on the retina. in an astigmatism, which i have, the CORNEA is odly shaped, and so the eyes can't focus on any object. the eye doesn't have a focal point. SO EVERYTHING IS BLURRY.i have an astigmatism. i don't have myopia. i sometimes get dizzy, when i replace them i get dizzy, and because things close appear bigger, i dont always use them to read.its all about what you feel. your vision won't be damaged if you dont wear them, so go ahead.

I can't totally answer your question without knowing the actual prescription. Many people have astigmatism incorporated into their near and far sighted corrections. As far as the type of wearing you are supposed to be using them for, that question would be better directed to the doctor's office. Myopia means you are near sighted and astigmatism basically means, based on the shape of the eye, that 2 curvatures in the same lens are necessary to bring the light to a focus on the retina.

What causes nearsightedness to worsen.

I just came home from the eye doctor and according to her, my vision "is falling apart." I went from around -2.75 to -4.50. What caused my vision to worsen this much? Ever since I got a laptop, I've been using the computer ALOT. could that be a factor? and what do you suggest I do so that my vision doesn't worsen? and I'm 17.

It's controversial, but there certainly is evidence that close work causes nearsightedness. I also regularly took my glasses off when doing close work, and my myopia didn't increase much, and actually decreased once I got out of university.
At -4.50, that's too strong to read comfortably without glasses. Twist your eye doc's arm to write a prescription for computer glasses with a prescription of around -3.25, and reading glasses at around -2. You could also go with "computer bifocals" with the "distance" power of -3.25 and a reading addition (ADD) of +1.25

If you don't want your vision to get worse then DON'T wear your distance glasses if you are doing close work. I'm 19 and only use my glasses for distance- my prescription has stayed the same (-2.00) for over a year. You can try to improve your vision if you don't use glasses for near work, eating carrots and doing eye exercises.

Why do most Asians have to wear glasses/have nearsightedness?

Is there some scientific reason as to why this is? If you know (for real) why, I'd like to know. Don't give me stupid answers, I know a stereotype from a fact.
Not all Asians have bad eyesights...I'm an Asian too and in my country most people have 20/20 vision but I met a lot of Koreans and Japanese and most of them have eyeglasses or contact lenses because of eyesight problems. I guess it's because of their lifestyle. Most Koreans and Japanese people usually spend their time in front of the computer. Whether studying, working, or just enjoying. They also usually depend on the internet and the computer for everything that they need . From clothes, to food to shoes etc...And they started using the computer when they were really young. I'm really not sure but I think they are straining their eyes much more than other Asians do so that's why they have to wear eyeglasses.

I would like to know what 'your country' is; do you even realize how many Asians have to wear glasses? It does not matter whether you are Japanese, Korean, or some other Asian race; the vast majority of Asians I have seen wear glasses. In America at least basically ALL Asian-Americans wear glasses.

In my country though most people have great eyesight until the late 40's or 50's because in my country most people don't have computers and aren't addicted to the internet... lol life's too simple out here.

Many Asians start losing their depth perception at an earlier age, that's why driving with my mom is a scary experience as well as the fact that she doesn't believe in using her turn signal.

Will my nearsightedness(and astigmatism) get worse if i dont wear glasses?

im 24 and have nearsightedness and my left eye is astigmatic. i can manage without glasses but will my sight get worse if i dont wear glasses?
also, what does astigmatism actually mean..does it mean that my left eye will keep getting worse forever?

Your eyes gradually change year to year whether you wear glasses or not. If you get by without, more power to you.

I work at a Specsavers store myself, and we often have patients getting glasses on the NHS and not wearing them. To be quite honest, not wearing your glasses will do your vision no good; as you are straining your eyes. If you wear glasses you will not strain your eyes as much, and often if you need glasses when young they can sometimes correct themselves within time.
An astigmatism is very common and is nothing to worry about! It just alters the cyl prescription in your glasses which helps you reflect the image through the lens and then to the back of your eye. An astigmatism basically means your eye is more of a rugby shape. It really is nothing to worry about, and can often correct itself within time.
However I would stronly recommend you wear your glasses if your optician has prescribed you with them. If you're not liking the style, there is a superb designer range - however you must be prepared to splash out!

No, usually your vision stabilizes when you stop growing. Wearing glasses will not improve your vision. The exception would be some pediatric patients. If you can get by without them, there is no harm to your eyes. Your vision may just not be as clear. FYI- astigmatism does tend to worsen with age, not usually until you are much older though. Remember 80% of the population has some astigmastism and most are not corrected with glasses.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What is the most effective over the counter eyedrops for really dry eyes?

I have tried several but they make my eyes blurry. Also taking different vitamins or herbs makes my eyes dry out. I just tried the new genteal gel for severe dry eye and thats no big shakes.

Whilst you do not state the cause of your dry eyes, I shall discuss various methods of treatment available for this condition. Under normal circumstances, dry eyes cannot be cured, though there are a number of steps that can be taken to treat them. You should discuss treatment options with an ophthalmologist. Treatments for dry eyes may include - the use of artificial teardrops, which is the primary treatment for dry eye. Artificial teardrops are available over the counter. No one drop works for everyone, so you might have to experiment to find the drop that works for you. If you have chronic dry eye, it is important to use the drops even when your eyes feel fine, to keep them lubricated. If your eyes dry out while you sleep, you can use a thicker lubricant, such as an ointment, at night. Temporary punctal occlusion - sometimes it is necessary to close the ducts that drain tears out of the eye. This is done via a painless procedure where a plug that will dissolve quickly is inserted into the tear drain of the lower eyelid. Permanent punctal occlusion. If temporary plugging of the tear drains works well, then silicone plugs (punctal occlusion) may be used. The plugs will hold tears around the eyes as long as they are in place. They can be removed. Rarely, the plugs may come out spontaneously or migrate down the tear drain. Many patients find that the plugs improve comfort and reduce the need for artificial tears. Restasis. In 2002, the FDA approved the prescription eye drop Restasis for the treatment of chronic dry eye. It is currently the only prescription eye drop that helps your eyes increase their own tear production with continued use. Other medications, including topical steroids, may also be beneficial in some cases. If needed, the ducts that drain tears into the nose can be permanently closed to allow more tears to remain around the eye. This is done with local anesthetic on an outpatient basis.

Eye makeup for someone with dry eyes?

I have dry eyes and have tried to wear eyeliner and mascara but when I apply it my eyes really burn. Is thee an allergy free eye makeup that I could use?

Well, i make sure my eyes always stand out, and sometimes, they can get kind of dry. What i like to do is put on 'True Blend' over my eyelids and under. that way when you put on eye shadow, it wont get into your eyes. I use MAX mascara, it helps me out a lot. but make sure you put it on slow, and not so close to the base of your eyelid.

I consult Cosmetic Friends about management of Eye-care andfollowing the useful tips and advice I beautify my eyes verycarefully and suitably.I wash my eyes with rosewater,apply beautiful eye-lining design of my choice.
With eye-liner pencil and brush I decorate my eye with wonderful shade.I tonne up my eyes.
I consider every aspect of my eye decoration in different shapes,shades and needs.
MY EYES are browny hence I applypurple eyeshadow.I wish to apply bold eye shadow,so I follow basic rules,i.e. I apply dark colour on lash line. To highlight my eyes,I use nude colour lipstick.iI take much care on applying beautiful mascara on eye-lid,and put KAJAL on lower lids.

Aww that must sucks. But you know what? I think you should apply facial moisturizer on your eyes. But during night time apply both the moisturizer and Vaseline. That will sooth you're skin and make it less irrating. I suggest using cream base makeup it's smooth and easy to put on. My trecommendationion is using m.a.c fluidline it's kinda expensive but it's worth it.

ummm... most say they are alergy free but most really arnet. so the best thing for you is to find out what exactly your allergic to so that you can find a product without that ingridient. most likely a department store will have somethign for you.

Good eyedrop solution for someone with dry eyes and contacts?

I have really dry eyes and I wear contacts. My eyes get so dry that I have to blink like crazy to try and get some kind of moisture in them. I have eyedrops but they don't work very well and in fifteen minutes or so after I use them, I'm rapidly blinking again.
Does anyone know a moderately priced ($30 at the most) eyedrop solution that works well for dry eyes and is lens friendly?

Solo Care Aqua
all-in-one solution
with moisturizing effect for all day comfort
cleans rinses disinfects and stores contact lenses
In Canada about $12 to $14 for a box with 2 big bottles 360ml each, and an anti-bacterial plastic lens storage case for free included.
It was great. I used it with great results for years.
I actually still use it as eye drops to rinse and moisturize my eyes, as eye drops ! I had laser eye surgery a couple years ago, and rememered my lenses were soaking in it and used it to re-wet and rinse my lenses, and that liquid was on my eyes with good results, so why not use it for eye drops too. Its great, and I don't have to spend a fortune on the tiny eye drops. There is a small bottle 120ml for about $6. and it lasts many months.

The best are all natural yawning tears. Many people have learned to cover up and suppress their natural tendencies to yawn. Yawning is very natural and healthy. It increases oxygen and circulation in the head. Too many people take yawning as rude and a sign of boredom to others.
In college I told my professors that I would probably yawn in front of them and to not take it personally. I told them yawning was a sign that I thought it was important enough to stay awake in their class.
You too can become a master yawner and wash those dry itchy irritated eyes away. Just practice yawning untill you bring tears. As you practice yawning you will be able to bring tears sooner for your dry itchy iritated eyes.

Why do contact lenses dry our eyes?

just got my contact lenses. I have to use eye drops a lot because my eyes feel dry. Why? I mean, do the contact lenses 'suck' the water up or something?

Yes, actually. Soft contacts lens are like little sponges in your eyes. They suck up the moisture. If your eyes don't have enough moisture for the contacts and the rest of your eyes, they're going to feel dry.
Go back to your eye doctor and see if there is a different lens you can use. Or, you can use some drops like Systane before you go to bed at night to help your eyes be more moist naturally. Dry eye is very common with contact lens wearers, and usually you can find a lens that will work for you. Worst case scenario, you might have to wear RGP (hard) lenses, which don't suck up any moisture.

I went to a doctor recently and he told me that oftentimes, allergy-sufferers have a difficult time with contact lenses due to the dryness. I have this problem, but usually a re-wetting drop or two can help alleviate it if it's just occasional. I wore contacts for a year but they became too uncomfortable. Another option could be trying a hydrating lens, such as Acuvue Oasis.

yah the lenses will take the tears from ur eyes onto the lenses. the lenses is make of water and thus using additional eye drop will help out in the eye not feeling so dry.

What health issues can cause dry eyes?

If I goto bed at 3 or 4 am every night would that be a reason why my eyes are always in pain and dry?
I usually get 8 hrs of sleep but I never get to bed early, so I am starting to think sleeping at late hrs could be a reason for this.

It is very possible that your eyes drift open just a tiny bit while you are sleeping and the cornea dries out. That hurts like hell. Bausch & Lomb makes a product called moisture eyes pm ... It is in a very small tube, and not cheap, but works wonders. It is an ointment with the consistency of vaseline. Hold the lower lid of your eye down and put a tiny bit in your eyes just before you fall asleep. My problem is a little more complicated, so I have to tape my eyes closed if I use a ceiling fan. Next time you go to the eye doctor, tell him your experiences. He may want to check your tear ducts.

No way that sleep or lack of sleep is causing it, though sleep issues can contribute to the problem. What might be causing it is that while you sleep you don't close your eyes all the way. I have had a terrible time with dry eyes. It feels like an ice pick is going though the eye. It was Lasik that caused my problem. I have had to have punctal plugs inserted into the bottom lids of both my eyes (lower tear ducts closed) and I had the upper right eye tear duct cauterized shut. My right eye has no tear ducts anymore and I still can have problems. I use "Tears Naturale" a lot and I use a gel tear substitute at night and that really helps. I also use a mask over my eyes to help my eyes stay closed. Turning off the overhead fan, if you use one, helps. The Dr. thinks I have Sjogrens Syndrome because I also lose moisture in my mouth (and that is very scary. you can't swallow without spit!!)
There are other health issues that can cause dry eyes, from anxiety, menopause, to other syndromes and diseases!! Even the weather can affect the moisture in your eyes. Medications can too. Some are very drying!

How do you heal stinging, dry eyes from wearing contact lenses too long?

I have been wearing my contacts for longer periods of time than I was advised to. When I take my contact lenses out, the area which is covered by my contacts starts to sting a lot. Can this be healed? Will I have to stop wearing contact lenses permanently? HELP! I look super bad with glasses and I think my self-esteem would be crushed if I had to wear them every day.

just use some eyedrops. thats what i do. it stops pretty fast.

my sisters eyes get red all the time and hurt because of how long she wears it or if she sleeps with it. she just puts eye drops from over the counter, and that usually heals it. but if it doesn't go away maybe you need to go to the eye doctor.

Only wear your contacts in public when you absolutely have to. Wear your glasses as much as possible and use artificial tears and throw away your current contacts. Do this until it clears up.

water, blink a lot or the contact solution thing. you should take them off when you sleep or else your eyes get infections.

Can dry eyes lead to blurry contact lenses?
I recently bought contact lenses (trial pair) and they are blurry. I can see fine when something is 3 feet away, but farther than that, everything is blurry. I have an appointment with my eye specialist in 4 days, but i would like to hear some opinions.

Absolutely! Contact lenses permit oxygen to the cornea, but the lens can still become dry causing blurriness. This is the case if the lens clears up when you blink. Perhaps though, you were given the incorrect power for your vision. Definitely see the OD to make sure. Mistakes can be made and it is always best to be sure!

most definatley and an eye infection possabley. Let your eye doctor know. Your script could be wrong and could cause you to have headaches also.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

When will Medicaid and Medicare start covering Lasik eye surgery instead of glasses?

I'm tired of hearing that they won't cover Lasik eye surgery my vision is 20/100 and now when I lose my glasses I have to wait a long time before they replace it and they replace it only every 2 years.
Why won't Medi-cal and Medicare cover lasik eye surgery?

In my observation, I have noticed that the government is at least ten years behind medical "trends", for lack of a better word. I don't expect those two agencies to cover such a breakthrough any time soon.

When it costs the same as glasses. Maybe if you go to the "Lets Suck Off Of The Taxpayers Store" you will find Lasik surgery on the same shelf as glasses but I highly doubt it. Why aren't grateful that the the taxpayers pay for your glasses? It is hardly our fault that your are not responsible enough to not lose your glasses.

never. medicaid and medicare are paid for by me and other tax payers. medicaid is free. medicare will not pay their doctors enough as it is (because of corrupt doctors)its cosmetic surgery. like lipo. they will never cover lipo either. you could become a firefighter. i hear they have really great insurance.

Because lasik is as needed a surgery as.. well, nothing. If you have vision corrected by a cheaper and safer (who wants to pay for the million things that can go wrong with lasik) pair of glasses, why on earth should other tax payers be expected to dole out for you to look pretty?

Has anyone had bad outcomes & experiences from Lasik surgery?

I'm having lasik surgery on both my eyes in 5 days. Thats how horrible my vision is. Of course i'm scared. I'm just scared that if something goes wrong, then the outcome can just rob whats left of my pitiful vision. Does anyone have anything bad to say about lasik?

Lasik eye surgery is very safe nowadays. My cousin got her dental implants and Lasik surgery in India by a company called Indian Health Guru Consultants. The Price for dental and Lasik surgery is very less in India. She paid 25% of the price she was quoted in America.
Indian Health Guru Consultants is very famous in India They arrange Dental surgery, jaw surgery, Lasik eye surgery, Dental Implants etc for foreign patients in India. I read a lot about them in the Newspapers and magazines- about their patient stories.They arrange financing for USA, Canadian, UK and other international patients who plan to have surgery abroad for low cost, as dental and eye surgery is not covered by insurance. They also have photos pasted of their International patients. You can checkout their website. There are huge cost savings. As a doctor I personally believe that surgery can be easily handled in India, as the quality of healthcare available In India is simply best in the world. The surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star.

Hi, I am also planning on having lasik surgery for both of my eyes. I have a -3.75 vision on both.
Hmm...I am also feeling the same way as you are. We have an eye center here near our place and so far, there have been no negative comments about it. Patients have to undergo a screening first prior to the surgery.
I have been wearing soft contact lenses for awhile now and the doctor there advised me not to wear them for a week prior to a screening.
Screening would cost around Php 1,000 (Philippine peso) or roughly US$22.22 but this would be reimbursed once you decide to have surgery done. Operation cost for both eyes would cost Php 40,000.00 or aound US$888.88.
Cheap. But then again, I'm having second thoughts like you as well.

What are ALL the risk of having the Lasik Surgery?

Im planning to have lasik surgery next month. can anyone state all the risks after surgery or after several years have passed? by the way, im planning to get it done in Lasik Vision Institute in Houston.
Normally, LASIK is safe, but you may experience mild blurry vision within the first week. After that, you should see more clearly, but some complication do occur. Its best to consult an opthamalogist or just wiki it for full details.

Some people have complained of dry eye, pain, blurry vision or have not been able to drive at night because of problems with glare.
There's a risk, it's very small and so I would shop around for a good doctor. More than 6 million people have had it done, but their are a small number that say their vision was affected.
The FDA is currently reviewing lasik because it has received some 140 complaints from people who say they have eye pain and other problems that never went away.

The doctor may hold the lazer on your eye ball for a little longer than what is needed and burn a hole right into your iris.

How much does lasik eye surgery cost nowadays?

I've been wanting lasik eye surgery for a long while now coz I'm so sick of contacts and glasses. Is there monthly payments or payment in full? And will getting lasik get rid of astigmatism, or lazy eyes as well??
Mine was about $2K per eye. But it depends on the method of surgery, the extensiveness of corrective work needed, and the doctor you use.
Most places have financing available. I think it can help astigmatism, but I don't know about lazy eye. Consultations are usually free of charge so be sure to visit a few doctors to find the one that's best for you.
These are your eyes, you don't want to bargain shop, and the price is worth it.

Will the price of lasik eye surgery go down in the near future?

I was thinking of getting the lasik eye surgery, but the cost is keeping me down.I have myopia with -4.5d. Last time I checked the cost for costumvue lasik surgery was around $ 3,800 for both eyes.

Nothing else in our society is getting cheaper these days and as you know, the cost of living (and doctor's expenses-- staff, cost of laser, maintenance fee for the laser, royalty for the laser manufacturer every time the laser is used, rent will not be coming down anytime soon). I would not trust my eyes to a bargain basement dr. who flies in from out of town, does dozens of surgeries and then comes back in weeks. You need an established surgeon who isn't going to move out of town next month. Remember, LASIK is surgery. Not blood and guts surgery. But still surgery.

Why do insurance companies not pay for Lasik Eye Surgery?

Seems like they want people to go through the rest of your life wearing eye glasses or contact lens. There doesn't seem to be any real cure of people with poor eye sight. Their eye sight will always get worse. Is poor eye sight a condition that is not treatable? All the eye doctor does is get a person stronger glasses over their life time. If Lasik Eye Surgery is close to a cure for poor eye sight why doesn't the insurance companies approve of it?

Because no insurance company is going to cover an elective procedure involving cutting into healthy tissue, for no reason save for cosmetics and saving time, at the risk of them having to spend another 10 years covering the treatments for when things go wrong.

Fence Me,Poor eye sight is not a disease. Eye sight does not always get worse. I am 50 and have the same prescription since I was 18.Now at my age I need reading glasses as well, since after 40 everyone begins to lose muscle tone in the muscles inside the eye that focus. In addition, the lens inside the eye becomes less flexible which also increases the need for reading glasses.
LASIK can reduce or eliminate the need for distance glasses, it does not reduce everyone's need for reading glasses with advancing age. LASIK is not a cure.
LASIK is considered cosmetic surgery/ elective surgery/ optional surgery and is therefore not curing a disease process and thus not covered by insurance.
Aging effects every system in the body and until someone discovers the secret to eternal life, we will all get older, we will all need reading glasses and we will all get age related weakening of sight, hearing, reflexes, etc.
They consider it not medically necessary.Many people who have had it done, have developed problems. One is it gives people dry eyes. If the person already has dry eyes, it makes that worse and that person is in constant pain.
It's not a cure for everyone.

How common are the side effects of Lasik surgery?

And also the number of people who have gone blind due to the surgery?

I just had Lasik myself and still recovering but when I was thinking about doing it and talking to people about it, practically everybody I'd talked to knew somebody who'd done it and all their stories were positive. I heard remarks like "would do it again tomorrow", "go for it", "best money I ever spent". For sure there are ppl who have side effects but in some cases they were not good candidates for the surgery in the first place. Some places, sadly, care more about taking your money than your eyesight. I was pretty confident in the place I picked because they'd actually told somebody I know that he was not a candidate.
When looking for accurate numbers on complications rates, try to find something official like FDA. I am pretty sure that the lasik places under-report their complication rates while optometrists who make a living out of selling you contacts and glasses will likely over-report them.

Lasik surgery has improved greatly and safety has become its first priority. Many people like you are afraid of the rumors behind Lasik surgery- like going blind or losing quality vision. That is not true; obviously, some risks are there, that is common to all surgeries. They are manageable and if you’re lucky to have a skilled and experience surgeon, those complications will never prop up.
Think of some of these athletes like Tiger woods, Greg Maddox, Jeff Bagwell or Bernie Williams they all have had Lasik surgery done and it never ever affect their performance. Do you think with so many famous celebrities trusting there livelihood to this surgery, will not be safe? They won’t take the risk of millions of dollars friend!!!
Lasik surgery has improved many people’s life, don’t worry, and let this surgery be a boon to your new life…

What is The Difference Between Lasik and Laser Eye Surgery?

I have pretty bad vision, I use some pretty thick glasses, my question is... What is the differences between Lasik Surgery and Laser Eye surgery? and which would be the best for me?
There are several different types of laser eye surgery. And there are different types of lasers that can be used in eye surgery depending upon what the surgeon is wanting to accomplish. For instance, the surgeon could use a yag laser to treat secondary cataracts. Or the surgeon could use an argon laser to perform iridotomies or possibly to treat leaking blood vessels in the retina. Or the surgeon could use an excimer laser to correct vision disorders such as near sightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. This is the laser you are probably referring to. Now, excimer laser surgery is a broad term that can include PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) or LASIK (laser insitu keratomeleusis). PRK is used on the surface of the cornea to correct prescription errors whereas LASIK is used, after creating a flap, on the internal structures of the cornea.
Both are capable of precisely correcting prescription errors. To decide which is best for you, you need to see an eye doctor who is experienced in this field. He or she will be able to recommend which procedure would be best.

What is the best eye surgery Lasik or?
I have my mother's degrading eyesight. My eyesight is still degrading until I'm 20 or so but right now. I'm 16 and my eyesight right now is left 20/345 Right 20/320. So what is the best as in what happens after Lasik or the other surgeries?
What is best means what is best for you. Since you are a unique individual with unique eyes and unique needs, what may be best for someone else may not be the best for you. The only way to know what may be appropriate is to have a comprehensive examination from a competent eye doctor.
I work for a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy. We don't provide Lasik. We provide Lasik information and certify Lasik doctors' patients' results.
You describe your vision as "degrading" and your mother's as well. If you mean a constant need for new glasses or contact lenses, then the eyes have not stabilized enough that any type of laser vision correction surgery (Lasik, PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik, etc.) would be appropriate. The eyes need to be healthy and prescription stable for at least two years.
It is reasonable to expect your eyes to change at age 16, but your mother's eyes changing may be a greater concern. An adult who has a constantly worsening eyeglass prescription is a sign of something more than simple refractive error. This may be a concern for you because some eye maladies run in families.
Lasik can change your eyeglass prescription, but your eyes will continue to change after Lasik at the same rate they did before Lasik. If there is an underlying disease that is causing the changes, then Lasik may exacerbate the problem.

When will contrast sensitivity return to normal after lasik surgery?

I had lasik surgery three weeks ago and my ability to see contrast is still not as good as it was when I had glasses. TV shows in hi-def and regular-def look the same to me. Anyone has the same experience? When does it get better?

The general rule is to allow three months before considering the results anything like final, This is why supplementary treatments to adjust Rx are normally left at least that long.

But I'm afraid permanent loss of contast sensitivity is a potential side affect of Lasik surgery.

You may still have some corneal haze, which could resolve, and should be checked for infiltating epithelial cells.

But if the loss is down to aberrations from the corneal surface, a resolution may not be easy to achieve, and further surgery should be approached with caution.
How long should i wait to wear a contact after having lasik surgery?
Please i just want to know how long to wait after having lasik surgery done. Its been about a week and 2 weeks can anyone tell me if its ok to wear a contact lens. What are the risks and can i pull the flap off the eye still?
i wouldn't pull the flap off and it shouldn't take one year to heal !!
if you did pull it off, it would take one week for the surface of the cornea to fully grow back and your chance of an infection is huge.
ring your eye surgeon, that's what he is there for. he knows your situation.

How long does it take before your eyesight adjusts back after lasik surgery?

i heard your eyes become bad again after lasik surgery after just a few years because they adjust back. Is this true? and what are the other things about lasik i should know about? i also heard that your eyes become very dry.

About half to two thirds of people I come across who have gotten LASIK have experienced their vision getting blurrier.

The eyes don't adjust back to blur. They get blurrier because we are using our eyes incorrectly. Blur is supposed to be a signal from the body that we're doing something wrong. Instead of stopping the incorrect vision habits we put on the quick fix of glasses. Because we don't address the real issues of blur our vision just gets worse year after year. So when we etch our prescription onto our eyes with LASIK the rate of increased blur is similar.

When we use our eyes correctly they will change to whatever shape is necessary to have the best clarity even after they have been mishapped by surgery.

LASIK fixes your eyes at a point in time. If your eyes would have continued to get worse without LASIK, they will continue to get worse after LASIK. Which is why the surgeons insist that your refraction be stable for at least two years before surgery. Most people who have LASIK do not get worse afterwards. Eyes become dry for about 3-6 months after surgery, then go back to normal. Your surgeon will discuss the possible complications and risks to you before you agree to surgery.

Friday, November 14, 2008

What is better reading glasses or contact lenses?

Is it possible to get contact lenses for reading and get a different color too or do they have to be the same color as ur eyes?? or would reading glasses be better?

Contact lenses are usually clear, or have a light blue 'handling tint', which doesn't affect how your eyes look to others or how you see. You can get tinted lenses, but it's a pain to put lenses in and out just to read - I would recommend glasses if they're just for reading. You really don't want to be fannying around with solutions and pots every time you need to read something.

do you only need glasses to read?then get some reading glasses.
if you have to wear your glasses constantly, you can think about lenses as well - go to an optician and get a trial (you need to do this to find out which lenses you can wear and if you can see everything perfectly). usually, correcting lenses are transparent or slightly coloured (so you find them easier if one falls to the ground ;-) )
If you want to use lenses to change your eye colour, these are purely cosmetically as far as I know. they don't correct short or wide sight.

Why do contact lenses sting when first putting them on in the morning?

I've been wearing contact lenses since I was in high school and this is just unavoidable. Every morning when I put them on they burn my eyes.

It could be that the pH level of the solution that the lenses are stored in is different from your eyes'. There will be a pH which the manufacturer targets when making the solution. If this is different from your natural level, it can create a stinging sensation until the pH level of the tear film on your eye and the solution on the contact lenses come into balance.
This problem might be made worse by buffered solutions which are designed to maintain a constant pH level, which if set at a different pH level from your eye, could prevent your tear film and the solution's pH from balancing.

I wear contacts and I can tell you why. They are not cleaned all the way. The only way you should first rinse them with water and wash them in the morning. Them you should apply your solution it would be rinsed of protien good luck.

Just happening recently? If so, take them to your eye doc because maybe there is a tear in them both, or the prescription is running out of strength, or your eyes are now sensitive to the current solution you are using. Maybe you are developing an allergy to dust.

Why do my contact lenses burn when I put them on?
I slept over a friend's house and forgot my case so I decided to get a tiny bowl and put solution in it. As you know it completely slipped my mind that you can't put both contact lenses together. Any how, I did and I only covered it with a paper towel. When I tried putting them on the next day they burned so bad I couldn't even open my eyes to take it out.
By the way, they're new, about a day old.

Please call your optometrist. Your eyes may have to be examined. It sounds like you might have dry eyes. Get checked for that. There are great drops for that.

Is it okay to switch my contact lens solution inbetween the period of my one month lenses?

I am currently using my monthly contact lenses and it has not reached its 30 days period yet but my solution ran out, and so I bought another brand. Is it okay to just switch? Will it hurt?
To change the brand of solutions you should do what is called " purging" the lenses.
Put your lenses in the new solution for 2 hours, then throw it out, then again for 2 hours, and throw it out...then again for the night.
By morning, all traces of the old solution will be gone from the lenses and you won't have any problems.Sometimes it can cause a lot of irritation if that isn't done first.
Many solutions can cause an interaction with the different ingredients.

Another brand or another bottle?
Another bottle of the same brand is definitely okay; that's kind of a no-brainer.
Another brand makes things tricky; we usually recommend you don't, but it's really hard to time these things. As long as it's something similar -- i.e. a rub-and-rinse multipurpose soft lens cleaner -- it should be fine, just double-check the instructions! You might find, though, that you have some irritation or dryness with the new solution; that's because different brands of solutions and contacts interact differently, and it's mostly a trial-and-error process, even for those of us who work with the products every day.
In any case, it won't be painful, and worst-case scenario, it gives you trouble, you go to your eye doctor, and they figure out a better solution for you to use.

What are the symptoms of over using my contact lenses?

i keep my contacts in for months at a time, no problems what so ever. the longest i have had them in for is 9 months. i have had any problems yet but i want to know the symptoms of a problem if it begins to develop. will the problem happen over night. or does it take a long time to develop? and is everyone different. can somepeople where contact lenses for months and months at a time without any side effects?

Some people's eyes are more sensitive than others. Yours seem very tolerant of contacts. But just because it hasn't bothered you yet doesn't mean you should keep wearing them so often. Eye doctors say not to wear them more than 12 hours a day. You will probably experience redness, sensitivity, or irritation if a problem develops. I have gotten keratitis (which basically means eye irritation), and it actually felt better with the contacts in. I suggest taking them out, and don't ever sleep in them!

well when i was sleeping in them a lot i woke up with like this crusty stuff on my eyes like pink eye and that's what i thought it was, but it turns out since i was sleeping in them, my eye wasn't getting any oxygen so it was all red. they said i even popped a blood vessel!! make sure you change them!

Can I purchase contact lenses without insurance?

I'm 17 and our Medicaid insurance ran out. My temporary-use contacts are months old already (should only be used for 2 weeks) and I was wondering if I could skip all the trouble of insurance and buy contact lenses straight with money? If so, what will I need to pay for, and how much will it cost ( range)?
dependin on your prescription you could be looking at $20-$60 per box.

It depends on your prescription and what your doctor recommends.
Typically, disposable contacts for single-vision will run about $20-$30 a box, six to a box.
However, remember you need to purchase TWO boxes--one for each eye. So minimum outlay you are looking at is around $50. If you have a prescription that is more than just single-vision (say to correct astigmatism or bifocal lenses), expect to pay considerably more.
I wear bifocal lenses and correct for astigmatism so I outlay nearly $50 a box or $100 for a 4-6 month supply.A pair of lenses will last from 2-4 weeks. Again, that is dependent on what your eye doctor recommends. Mine usually only last about 3 weeks. It also depends on how long you wear them each day.
If you wear them 14 hours a day, expect them to last considerably less than 4 weeks.

Where can i find contact lenses without a perscription?
i want to get color contact lenses that are not the ones for better vision .i need to know what pharmacy i can get them with out a perscription.

Colour contact lenses? They are not prescription at all, and they dont nessisarily have to come from a pharmacy. Good costume shops may have them, or goth/indie shops aswell as places like boots.

Well first of all you need to know what your eye prescription is, how will you know what prescription of contacts to get? Do you already know what the prescription is? It's pointless to buy them if you don't know what your prescription is.

Walmart used to sell them and I bet they still do, however, the eye doctor has to fit them to your eye so you would still need to make an appointment. The best place to buy things that aren't legal to sell is on the internet.

Not possible in the USA and if it was would you really want to put something in your eye that could potentially cause you harm?
You can get contacts that do not have prescriptions they are just meant to change the color of your eyes I call them vanity lenses but again you need to see an eye doctor prescrib them to you.

I forgot to take my contact lenses out last night now i have cloudy vision?

Last night i went out clubbin, i forgot to take my contact lenses out when i got home and today when i took them out i have cloudy vision? Its like haze i can see everything but like a fog? I wear monthly toric contacts. Triend washing my eyes with water that made it worse, any one no whats cause the cloudy vision and if it will go?
Please see a doctor or an optician.My friend ignored this and ended up losing the sight in one eye through infection.Admittedly this was extreme and she is a deal older than you, lacked tears too, but sight is very precious.

I wear monthly ones as well but when i accidently sleep in them my eyes just get real sore and have orange rings around them. There was nothing i could do but wait. in a few hours the rings went away and they didnt hurt. But cloudy vision? make a quick pitstop to your optomitrist and just explain what happened.

What do I need to know about contact lenses?
I am really tired of wearing glasses and I've been wanting to get contact lenses. The thing is, I don't know where to begin. What's a good price? Where can I take the exam and for how much? Lastly, how many types of contact lenses are there?

Your optometrist will be able to fit you with contacts. Ask him about prices, then you can call other optometrists in your area to compare.Most likely there won't be a big difference. Most of us now wear the soft lens. Very comfortable. Probably the most important thing is to be extremely clean with them. ALWAYS wash your hands really well before putting them in or taking them out. And listen to your doctor as far as how long he wants you to wear them per day, etc.Contacts are a wonderful thing! I've worn them for lots of years, and can't imagine not having them.

Is Freshlook Color Contact Lenses Very Uncomfortable?

I have 20/20 eye vision and i've tried colored contacts before i've tried Flexwear Colors contact lenses and they feel fine. They are a little bit uncomfortable but that's maybe because my eyes get dry. I'm planning on buying Freshlook Color or Colorblends contact lenses and i've heard they are quite uncomfortable. So i was just wondering if i buy Freshlook Lenses and i've already tried other colored lenses will the uncomfortability level of the lenses be the same or will freshlook really be a problem?

Yes, its a bit of a joke in the eyecare industry, when you talk about freshlook colors and comfort, they don't go together. They have the best selection of colors but they are not comfortable. Acuvue has colors that are much more comfortable but just not quite the selection. You see, freshlook (ciba vision) puts the color on the outside of the lens so you can actually feel it on your eyes.

I have been an ophthalmic and contact lens technician for about 18 yrs, including working as a sales rep for Ciba Vision , the company that makes Freshlook contacts. I now work for Hydrogel Vision and we make contacts specifically for patients with dryness and/or comfort issues but not cosmetic lenses. My point...discomfort was a well known drawback of the Freshlook product when I worked as a sales rep at Ciba Vision and still is---it was the most common objection from doctors and patients we had to overcome. The cause was not widely known or agreed upon but thought it could be the "dot matrix" pattern stamped on the back of the lens that formed the color pattern or an inherent flaw of the lens design chances are good that you will experience some level of discomfort with these contact lenses. But everyones corneas are vastly different in shape, size and depth so you just may be one of the few who don't have comfort issues. Make an appointment at any eye docs office and they will let you try them on with no obligation to buy.

I love mine they're prescription but they still feel great. But after 2 weeks of wearing them you really have to change them because then they feel like their sucking your eyeball out.

How to practice putting in contact lenses?

I went to the optometrist yesterday to practice putting in my first pair of contact lenses. I could not do it. After about five minutes of trying, the lens tore. Now they have to order me a new lens and it will take about a week. I have now a week to practice so that I don't have trouble when I go back this Friday. Can I practice keeping my eyelids open while touching my eye with my index finger, or can it hurt my eye if I touch it with a bare finger? Any tips?

First start with a drop of contact solution on your finger and then hold the lashes back and touch you eye. The hardest thing to do is not blink. You have to control your blink. Hold the lash back and open the eye as far as you can. Also if the contact folds do not try to get it open. Put it in the palm of your hand and put some solution in your palm and rub it around to get it open. When you go to put the contact in your eye you might try to put a drop of the solution on the contact and then try to put it in your eye. Just practice holding your lashes up and opening your eye. Just use some solution on your finger.

How often should I switch pairs of contact lenses?

I have six pairs of contact lenses that should last me the next year. I wore one pair of contacts for almost four months without any problems, but now that I have these six new pairs, I'm wondering if I should just switch them every two months or should I just keep wearing the one pair until I feel the need to switch them out? Does it make any kind of difference? I have really healthy eyes and no problems with my contacts up until now, but this is the first time I've worn contacts (save for that first trial pair), so I am a little green when it comes to this stuff.
In most cases, the disposable contacts are made of the same material as long-wear lenses. They are just packaged differently. As long as you keep your lenses clean and enzyme them regularly, there should be no problem. But if you start to develop any irritation, toss them and leave the contacts out until it is completely cleared. Also, do not switch brands of solutions while wearing the same pair of lenses. If you want to switch, toss the old lenses, and use only the new product on the next pair. Switching solutions midstream will not hurt your eyes, but the chemical reaction of the different solutions can damage your lenses. As always, for best results, do as your optometrist recommends.

i also keep my disposable contacts for 4months or more, altough it says on the box that you should dispose of it after a month, wearing it for an extra couple of months didnt really do anything harmful, they still worked, and i got to save money! =D
but i suppose it's wise to throw them away at their prescribed time, you might get eye infections or have problems bec the contacts youre wearin are past their expiry date.
ps. why dont you switch to extended wear instead of buying too many pairs of disposable ones? extended wear contacts can last a year without having to change them, so you save more in the long run =)

If your eye doctor told you to switch every 2 months, then you should do it. If you leave them in longer you could start to have problems with your eyes. You should also switch lenses if they start to bother you or get rips in them before the 2 months are over.

How to choose contact lenses ?

Where can i get good contact lenses (which company makes the best ones)? Should I go to my eye doctor or to a eye glass company like Eyemart or Walmart Eye-something?
Go to an eye doctor, not a Wal-Mart or Pearl or Lenscrafters. I once had an eye doctor tell me that a lot of places like Lenscrafters write prescriptions for your eyes that are less than you need. So, of course, in no time, it feels like you can't see and you have to go back to Lenscrafters, earlier than you needed.
Your eye doctor will do an exam, measure your eyes, and decide on what contact lenses are best for you. Then, you go back to the doctor and try on several pairs.

You have to go to the eye doctor before you can get contacts. I got to Walmart to get my contact exam, and then i go to a regular eye doctor for the other stuff. But i love Acuvue 2. They have worked best for my eyes. But the doctor will tell you which brand will be best for your eyes.

well if you need a prescription contact lens you will have to go to an eye doctor to get them since you will need a prescription. and i would go with the acuve products/ the disposable ones, because most year ones dont last that long and if you lose one you have replacements.

You have to get a contact lense exam or they will not give them to you. They will also give you what you need there is nothing to worry about. I have worn contacts for 15 years it's cake.

How do I get rid of the marks on the side of my nose that is a result of wearing glasses/spectacles?

I've worn glasses since I was four and now I have these dark marks just where the glasses rest on my nose.My current spectacles are not tight they are fitting nicely.The dark marks are a result of years of wearing glasses.

Try using coverup. I used to wear glasses (contacts now) and got those too. But they were just indentations from the nose pad thingies. If you go without glasses for a few days, they should clear up, unless they aren't indentations. In that case, I'd go see a doctor or optometrist and ask what you can do about them. At least when you wear glasses, you can't see those marks since they cover them up. If you don't want to have this problem anymore, I'd suggest you get contacts. They're really easy to use once you get used to them, but they do cost more than glasses so I hope your insurance covers them.

i got those 2. ive only worn glasses since i was like 8 now im 13, and i got some of those 2 there. i never really thought of it, cuz as long as i wear my glasses theyr not visible, but when i saw myself without them, i did notice that i look like im tired or something. so, i guess it would b ok to use coverup thats the same tone as the skin there. some is lighter and some is darker, mine is kinda purplish rite there, which is wierd, but you might want to try tanning without your glasses, maybe.

you could use shud really try to find some glasses that arent too tight and that have a cushion..where it touches your nose..they sell glasses like that at like Newlook,or any fancy eyewear place. but they wont be cheap,they'll be expensive .

Astigmatism laser eye sergery? (filling up space)?

Im 13... my eyes are like -0.7 .. its not much but its annoying wearing glasses & im a bit short sighted. if i was to have astigmatism laser sergery how much would it cost roughly.. and then do i have to have another laser treatment for short sight or can it all be done in 1 step? Dont say im too young blablabla cuz im just wandering for when im older :)

LASIK will correct both myopia and astigmatism with a single procedure.

Cost depends on where you live and what exact procedure is done. You won't be able to get it done for about 10 years and the cost will be different by then, likely the surgery will be different by then too.

Here is something for you to consider in the future. About 50% of people who have this laser surgery revert back to needing glasses within 5 years of the surgery. It is elective surgery and not covered by insurance. That means you will have to pay out of your own pocket. Most times, the shape of the pupil is changed so drastically because of the surgery that it is impossible to wear a soft contact lense should you need a prescription again.

In my opinion, a 50% chance is not enough for me.

edit: You were the one who pointed out your age, and made no mention of wanting it when you were older. I was not trying to be insulting. I am giving you the facts and information as I know them. Do with it as you will, and check that attitude.

How effective is the laser treatment for short sight?

Hi friends, this is priya here again. I am 24 years old. i am having short sight with 4.5 point.10 years ago my doctor had told me that there is a laser treatment for short sight which can cure th problem but this treatment can be done only after 18 years of my age.Now i would like to know how effective is this treatment? Is it safe to go for this treatment? what are the risk factors attached with this?what are the results of this treatment in India? I really don't no what to do I am totaly confused . Please suggest me if u have any solution to this.
LASIK is a surgical procedure that can reduce a person's dependency on glasses or contact lenses. The procedure permanently changes the shape of the cornea (the delicate clear covering on the front of the eye). For clear vision, the eye's cornea and lens must bend (refract) light rays properly, so that images are focused on the retina. If the light rays aren't clearly focused on the retina, the images you see are blurry.
This blurriness is referred to as a "refractive error." It is caused by an imperfectly shaped eyeball, cornea, or lens. LASIK uses an Excimer Laser (an ultraviolet laser) to precisely remove corneal tissue to correct the shape for better focusing.
LASIK eye surgery is performed most often on people who have nearsightedness (myopia), which means that they only clearly see nearby objects; anything far away is blurry.

Who else thinks college students are being short sighted about voting for Obama?

Will the same people be whining in 8 years that Obama is taking 50% of their money to give to someone who didn't earn it?
Answer:Oh yes. I was in college only a few years ago and I believed in change. But once you've graduated and get into the REAL world you realize that change is not so easily occurring It takes time for change and its going to take longer than 8 years that Obama can possibly be in office and it relies on unity of the Congress which is never going to happen. A Change we can believe in? Just a made up slogan that sounds good at first but later you realize that its not going to change its going to make our country worse.

False. Provide links to your claim. Obama is the only president that talks about letting young people be able to afford college and giving the a tax break or whatever. Young people aren't just voting for Obama because it's cool. Wake up and look around. We are in a economic ca crisis cause by the Republican leadership. McCain wants to talk about Rev. Wright and Ayers and he doesn't have a plan to fix the economy. Young, old and all races are voting for Obama because he's the best candidate. We can't afford four more years of the same. McCain is for the rich. In all three debates he never mention the middle or lower class. 0~~

College students are concerned about the future. You might want to call them idealistic, but they care and fear that they might not have a future. Most students also tend to be liberal.
I know from talking to my own daughter, who is a college student, that she fears that the planet is going to hell, that global warming might mean that we will be looking at ocean front property in Kansas. She sees McCain/Palin as archaic and out of step with what she believes in. She believes in evolution and choice and science and a fair shake for all Americans. Yes, she is idealistic, but she is the future.
If eight years from now, she is complaining, then so be it. We all whine no matter who is the president.

You know, not all people are able to "earn" it. We all have the potential to face circumstances in our lives that may prevent us from taking care of our families.
Perhaps we are badly hurt, maybe even while we are working. Perhaps we lose our jobs. Perhaps our spouse dies. When things like this happen, we may not be able to "earn" it. Does that automatically make these people bums? Don't generalize and make stereotypes. Help should always be there for those who need it. Yes, there will always be people who take advantage of help. But to stereotype all people who take help from the government like you have is unfair. And as a taxpayer myself, I'm OK with paying my part to ensure that children don't go hungry, people with disabilities aren't without options, etc.
And BTW, if you REALLY listen to Obama's tax plan, you'd know that people who make less than $250,000 a year (that's me!) will NOT SEE A TAX INCREASE.

THIS IS A DEMOCRACY...and PEOPLE ARE FREE TO VOTE FOR WHOMEVER THEY WANT....We DEMs had to endure 8 years of GEORGE W. BUSH tanking our economy....and now we are heading in a DEFLATIONARY RECESSION....Just because YOU don't want a black person the highest public office DOESN'T mean others feel the way you DO! Stop trying to persuade people...IT IS DONE!

What college did you go to, that eight years after earning a four-year degree you're making more than $250,000 a year? I obviously went to the wrong one!

People who have higher education tend to be more tolerance of different ethic groups. Most people who have low IQs are racist. That's a fact.

You have bought in to the same old tired argument that got us in the mess we're in now. Same old stupid mess!

How can I regain my eye sight as it used to be before I started wearing spectacles?

OK,is there any way to like,get back your original eyesight level,after you started using specs?Right now,my power is around 300 on both eyes,do you think there's anyway to possibly get it back to 50 or less.My friend says,I have to use 'the laser' to shrink my eyeballs to its original size,since I'm short-sighted.Thanks for answering.

The clarity we can get through artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, lasik) is the minimum vision we can obtain with our unaided natural vision system.
Most people can obtain natural perfect eyesight by unlearning the incorrect vision habits, reintegrating the correct vision behaviors, and undoing the damage of artificial corrections(glasses, contacts).
Natural perfect eyesight is: effortless, amazingly clear, three dimensional, brite, very sensitive in the dark, and activates memory and imagination. Eyesight through increasing glasses(contacts) is dim, two dimensional/flat, strained, diffused, night blind, staring, face freezing, neck locking, memory and imagination stunting, squelches breathing, promotes poor posture, introverting, etc.
The best ways to learn about natural perfect eyesight are to delve into the best books and learn from the best teachers. If anyone talks about eye pushups/drills or corrective hard lenses avoid them, don't waste your time.

People's eyesight changes naturally, but it's unlikely to improve that dramatically I'm afraid. There's not anything you can do to help it either. Laser surgery would correct it (if you're a suitable candidate), it removes a part of your eye, rather than shrinking it.

How can I tell if my cat is short sighted?

I have just taken on a rescue cat she is about 13 years old. She does not like to go outside and prefers to be in just one room in the house. She comes into the lounge to sit with me at night. She seems to wait to be approached.
She seems to respond to sound and smell more than anything else. I have to take her and put food under her nose before she realises its there. She is otherwise fit , clean and healthy. Is there anything I can do to test her sight without hurting or upsetting her.

Are you sure she isn't blind?
Try moving a silent toy in front of her and see if she reponds to it. If not, the vet would be able to tell by looking into the eye.
Best to keep her indoors if she has a sight problem as she won't be able to respond to dangers like a seeing cat.

Yes - Get some idstance away with a moving object. All cats will follow a moving object.
If the cat is sitting, chirp and make it look up. Then, move the object - like a pencil or stick back and forth, up and down and see if the cat will follow it at least with the eyes.
You can test this when the cat is in different positions. Sitting, laying or standing - and you at different elevations from directly in front to standing height above.
You can also put something at the ens of a string and let it swing. Cat should follow this. Also remember to do the up and down sets.
The cat may be going blind. It certainly is not "Short sighted" - only humans can do that. Perhaps you mean "Near sighted" and even so the can would see w moving object even if it was not sharply in focus.

13 years old for any cat is old even if she lives t for nother 6-8 years she is now officially old and her eyesight could be failing. however as she is a rescue cat what is her history? was she beaten and she is just scared? was she loved and is now upset and afraid of new surroundings?
i hope it is the latter because no matter how old the cat she will eventually trust u just give her time and her own space. remember cats go to people who hate cats as they dont tend to pester them.

Glasses for very short sight?

I am very short sighted , i mean ( - 20 ) , I do not want surgery , i keep my glasses on , but they r heavy , the best avilable is 1.8 condensed glassess , is their anything better or more advanced ?
Answer:I wear 1.9 Lantal from Zeiss in my single vision glasses (My Rx only gets up to -13.50), but that has worse chromatic aberrations than the 1.8, which is why it is not used for varifocals. I wear 1.8 like you for those.
There is a way to get thinner and lighter glasses, but it requires sacrificing field of view.Some form of blended lenticular (Myodisc) will probably give the best comptromise of weight, thickness and cosmetic appearance, but that needs discussing carefully, concerning what form the "carrier " lens should take, and how small the optically corrected portion should be.
(the smaller that is, the thinner the overall lens can be, but with more constraint to the visual field: more need to turn the head rather than turn the eyes.)
The other chief factor is simpler: the smallest roundest frames *that look good on you* give the best overall results for the lenses.
(With a low-power carrier lens on a lenticular, that becomes a lot less critical).

Will myopia continue to worsen and will I eventually become blind?

I am short sighted, very short sighted! And although i only need to go for an eye test every 2 years, everytime i go my eye sight has become worse, even if a little bit. [I am 19 btw] It never seems to have stopped getting worse, i am worried about it continuing to worsen and if there's a chance they could stop? And is there a fairly high chance that when im old I could become blind?

(There are one or two rare progressive diseases, I need to add to cover myself)
Being short-sighted has hardly any correlation with going blind in later life.
The risk is virtually the same as for everyone else.And the main causes of blindness have nothing to do with Rx at all.
Most people's Rx stabilises somewhere between 18-23, whenever the growth phase stops.

The term you want to use here is "near sighted".. not short sighted.. near sighted is myopia.. short sighted.. well, that could mean alot of drafty things about the way you view the world and the way you interact with people..
Look at one of your parents.. one of them also has thick glasses... we can only fight genetics so much.

I'm 49 and have been nearsighted since the age of 10. I've been relatively stable for the past 25 years so I would say you don't have anything to worry about.

Can i be a fight or commercial pilot or astronaut if i wear glasses?

Absolutely , glasses or contacts , corrected to 20/20. However , to be a military pilot you must have 20/20 , without the option of glasses or contact lenses , don't listen to people who say you can't be a pilot with glasses.

I am nearsighted (can't see far) and my rx is -8.5 and -8.0 respectively. I've read that fruits are very important for good eyesight, and I never had a penchant for fruit unfortunately. Vegetables with zeaxanthin are also crucial for your eyes.

Being an astronaut is a very dangerous profesion. Unlike most careers, you cannot simply take a sick day in space, or call 911 for a trip to the local emergency room. Each minute is invested at a massive costs, so it is natural for NASA to want to work with only the fittest and strongest of candidates. Having 20/20 vision means, NASA would have at least one less thing to worry about.
For instance, on one of the recent K2 climbs, one of the mountaneers who had had laser eye surgery, went unexpectedly blind due to the effects of low temperature and low pressure. I do not recall if he died on that climb, but someone like that would have certainly endangered himself, his crew, and the mission.
This will all change as we begin to commercially exploit space. But, for now, the astronauts are pioneers and scientific explorers; which means that we do not know what challenges they may be faced with, and we need to stack every possible card in our favor.

you do not have to have perfect eyesight to be an astronaut.
there are three basic types of astronauts, pilots, mission specialists and payload specialists.
pilots must have vision no worse than 20/50 which can be corrected to 20/20.
mission and payload specialists must have vision no worse than 20/100 correctable to 20/20.

Can anybody tell me if operation on eyes to reduce short sight is safe and worth doing?

Laser surgery has been around for quite a while and I know many people who have had it done and they are very pleased with it. You need to consult an ophthalmologist to see if you are a good candidate for it.

It's probably the best thing you can do! For my husband having his vision corrected has been a life altering experience. Make sure you look into your options. There are 2 different procedures, Lasik and PRK. Lasik has a faster healing time, but there will always be the weakness around where they cut to be able to get to the cornea. PRK has a longer healing time, but you will not have any weakness, as the eye is not cut and heals as one piece. Depending on your activities and lifestyle find which is the best surgery for you.

I'm 17 and I can't have laser eye surgery until I'm 21 when my eyes stop changing so rapidly. I''ve been interested in the surgery for years, but I'm still a bit weary.
I know two women who had their eyes done years ago and one of them has to keep going back, because her eye sight is still gradually getting worse and the other women was probably one of the first in the UK to have it done and she is as blind as a bat.
I'm gona wait until they know the long term effects. Laser eye surgery hasn't been around long enough for them to know how it will effect your eyes in the future. Maybe in the future it will go down in price too.
I have heard about people's eyesight being worse than ever after surgery, someone going blind and like someone else said "you only get one pair of eyes". One of the ladies I know who had it done said she could smell her eyeball burning during the surgery, she said it smelt like burnt pork! Ewww!

Oooh I had laser eye treatement about 5yrs ago and I am still so-o-o excited about how fab it is!!! It is THE best thing I have ever spent my money on and cant recommend it highly enough!!! It is absolutely fabulous!!! If you can afford to have it done then I wouldnt hesitate for a second, you will not regret it!! I used 'Ultralase' by the way.

I've wondered this too. But £2000 is a lot to find and you only get one set of eyes...and it could go wrong however, small that is and then would be stuffed. Not only that but when older, you don't know if will start to heal in a different way, like cataracts etc. So this is what makes me question it - plus I remember what was like when had my eye muscle adjusted. :(Having said that if went fine, better than £20-30 a month in lenses or £182.50 with half-price eye test and glasses. :(I think the cost of the procedure allows me to justify my excuse not to.I like my contact lenses for now. If those become unwearable and as I become older, then it might be more viable. I am estimating death around 70. Currently 33.I pay £200 a year for lenses, so that will last me the next decade and who knows what they will find in a decade, how costs change? With lenses I get the best of both worlds and I can swim etc. Without having lenses, would consider it.tompsykoman: Well I have my left eye stronger than my right. My brain from birth learnt to switch the right off because it had a squint before was corrected by tightening the muscle. I find now it is a bit sensitive to bright sun. So although sees fine, I don't always use the information from it. I don't notice it - is still slightly out. So if I were to do this, then doing the right eye may make the right work harder again as the left vision would be poor without a lense. Also would be good for testing it first.I've heard the cut technique is better. Probably because of healing time.

LASIK is now pretty safe, but, with all surgeries, there is always that slim chance of something going wrong. If you still want to go ahead, I'd suggest doing like I did. Start with having only one eye corrected. That way, if something goes wrong, you still have at least one god eye yet.

How do glasses help people with short sight(Myopia)?

I have to do a project about it in school.

How do they focus the light onto the retina?

They change the angle of the light, so that it hits either at a point just behind, or just in front of the retina (depending on whether they are being used to treat long or short sightedness).

They use something called Refraction to bend the light so it focuses at a different place inside the eye. The material the lenses are made from have a certain amount of Refraction which changes the speed of the light through the material. The distance from where the light enters the lens and where it exits the lens to go into the eye determines how much the light is bent. So if you are only a little myopic they give you thin lenses that only bend the light back a short distance to fall in focus on your retina. If you are really myopic then they give you thicker lenses that bend the light farther back into the eye to focus on the retina. So the more myopic you are the longer your eyeball is and the more the lenses have to bend the light farther back into the eye. With very myopic eyes they use material with a higher refraction so the lenses can be thinner while still bending the light far back to hit the retina.

How can i improve my short sight myself?

I have been wearing glasses since i was about 10-11 and 5 years on ive had to get my then strengthed twice...

I wear them all the time but should only used them for certain things,now i have tp wear them all the time as i cant see!

Is there anyway i can begin to improve my eyesight?

Answer:Theres nothing you can do to improve your eyesight apart from Laser Surgery, but you shouldn't do this, it's not a good option, I'm short sighted myself 2.50 Distance in each eye and I've got to wear glasses myself, been wearing them for a year, strengthened once, maybe they'll need to be strengthened but the more you wear your glasses when you need them, the less likely your eyes will get worse, honestly, glasses are so hot right now :) Get some designer ones and you won't even notice your wearing them!

Also, you could try and get some Contact lenses? Which are paid monthly, or you can get the disposable ones, talk to an optimist about this.

You can try eye exercises. I have seen some improvement with such exercises, but since then, I haven't been doing them consistently... so I have probably negated any positive results.

it appears that your eye prescription contain any comment like *** or nip and also the condition of the retina----to a lense of 10-11diopter that necessities constant wear gives an idea of non improving eyes for which contacts and lasik treatments could be done.