Monday, November 17, 2008

Good eyedrop solution for someone with dry eyes and contacts?

I have really dry eyes and I wear contacts. My eyes get so dry that I have to blink like crazy to try and get some kind of moisture in them. I have eyedrops but they don't work very well and in fifteen minutes or so after I use them, I'm rapidly blinking again.
Does anyone know a moderately priced ($30 at the most) eyedrop solution that works well for dry eyes and is lens friendly?

Solo Care Aqua
all-in-one solution
with moisturizing effect for all day comfort
cleans rinses disinfects and stores contact lenses
In Canada about $12 to $14 for a box with 2 big bottles 360ml each, and an anti-bacterial plastic lens storage case for free included.
It was great. I used it with great results for years.
I actually still use it as eye drops to rinse and moisturize my eyes, as eye drops ! I had laser eye surgery a couple years ago, and rememered my lenses were soaking in it and used it to re-wet and rinse my lenses, and that liquid was on my eyes with good results, so why not use it for eye drops too. Its great, and I don't have to spend a fortune on the tiny eye drops. There is a small bottle 120ml for about $6. and it lasts many months.

The best are all natural yawning tears. Many people have learned to cover up and suppress their natural tendencies to yawn. Yawning is very natural and healthy. It increases oxygen and circulation in the head. Too many people take yawning as rude and a sign of boredom to others.
In college I told my professors that I would probably yawn in front of them and to not take it personally. I told them yawning was a sign that I thought it was important enough to stay awake in their class.
You too can become a master yawner and wash those dry itchy irritated eyes away. Just practice yawning untill you bring tears. As you practice yawning you will be able to bring tears sooner for your dry itchy iritated eyes.

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