Monday, November 17, 2008

How do you heal stinging, dry eyes from wearing contact lenses too long?

I have been wearing my contacts for longer periods of time than I was advised to. When I take my contact lenses out, the area which is covered by my contacts starts to sting a lot. Can this be healed? Will I have to stop wearing contact lenses permanently? HELP! I look super bad with glasses and I think my self-esteem would be crushed if I had to wear them every day.

just use some eyedrops. thats what i do. it stops pretty fast.

my sisters eyes get red all the time and hurt because of how long she wears it or if she sleeps with it. she just puts eye drops from over the counter, and that usually heals it. but if it doesn't go away maybe you need to go to the eye doctor.

Only wear your contacts in public when you absolutely have to. Wear your glasses as much as possible and use artificial tears and throw away your current contacts. Do this until it clears up.

water, blink a lot or the contact solution thing. you should take them off when you sleep or else your eyes get infections.

Can dry eyes lead to blurry contact lenses?
I recently bought contact lenses (trial pair) and they are blurry. I can see fine when something is 3 feet away, but farther than that, everything is blurry. I have an appointment with my eye specialist in 4 days, but i would like to hear some opinions.

Absolutely! Contact lenses permit oxygen to the cornea, but the lens can still become dry causing blurriness. This is the case if the lens clears up when you blink. Perhaps though, you were given the incorrect power for your vision. Definitely see the OD to make sure. Mistakes can be made and it is always best to be sure!

most definatley and an eye infection possabley. Let your eye doctor know. Your script could be wrong and could cause you to have headaches also.

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