Monday, November 17, 2008

Why do contact lenses dry our eyes?

just got my contact lenses. I have to use eye drops a lot because my eyes feel dry. Why? I mean, do the contact lenses 'suck' the water up or something?

Yes, actually. Soft contacts lens are like little sponges in your eyes. They suck up the moisture. If your eyes don't have enough moisture for the contacts and the rest of your eyes, they're going to feel dry.
Go back to your eye doctor and see if there is a different lens you can use. Or, you can use some drops like Systane before you go to bed at night to help your eyes be more moist naturally. Dry eye is very common with contact lens wearers, and usually you can find a lens that will work for you. Worst case scenario, you might have to wear RGP (hard) lenses, which don't suck up any moisture.

I went to a doctor recently and he told me that oftentimes, allergy-sufferers have a difficult time with contact lenses due to the dryness. I have this problem, but usually a re-wetting drop or two can help alleviate it if it's just occasional. I wore contacts for a year but they became too uncomfortable. Another option could be trying a hydrating lens, such as Acuvue Oasis.

yah the lenses will take the tears from ur eyes onto the lenses. the lenses is make of water and thus using additional eye drop will help out in the eye not feeling so dry.

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