Friday, November 14, 2008

Astigmatism laser eye sergery? (filling up space)?

Im 13... my eyes are like -0.7 .. its not much but its annoying wearing glasses & im a bit short sighted. if i was to have astigmatism laser sergery how much would it cost roughly.. and then do i have to have another laser treatment for short sight or can it all be done in 1 step? Dont say im too young blablabla cuz im just wandering for when im older :)

LASIK will correct both myopia and astigmatism with a single procedure.

Cost depends on where you live and what exact procedure is done. You won't be able to get it done for about 10 years and the cost will be different by then, likely the surgery will be different by then too.

Here is something for you to consider in the future. About 50% of people who have this laser surgery revert back to needing glasses within 5 years of the surgery. It is elective surgery and not covered by insurance. That means you will have to pay out of your own pocket. Most times, the shape of the pupil is changed so drastically because of the surgery that it is impossible to wear a soft contact lense should you need a prescription again.

In my opinion, a 50% chance is not enough for me.

edit: You were the one who pointed out your age, and made no mention of wanting it when you were older. I was not trying to be insulting. I am giving you the facts and information as I know them. Do with it as you will, and check that attitude.

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