Monday, November 24, 2008

Can you wear color contacts if you have an astigmatism?

I have an astigmatism in one eye and I have the plainest brwon eyes ever. I want contacts but I don't know if I can't wear normal ones because of my eye.
They do make contacts for astigmatism (if you've seen the commercial with the twins...). I'm sure they make them in nonperscription too, just go to your eye doctor and ask for them.

Why do people with astigmatism have to get clear lenses?
I have astigmatism & I heard that you can only get clear contact lenses. I want to know why?And what if I wanted to get a box of colored ones too,would they work or no?

There are colored lenses for astigmatism, but the powers available are quite limited.
Freshlook Toric colors.
As far as toric lenses go ( for astigmatism)...they aren't all that good a lens for most people.
There are also Durasoft 2& 3 color torics that come in most prescriptions, but they are a conventional lens, ( non-disposable)..they are expensive and tear easy....and aren't a very healthy lens to wear compared to disposables.
If you require special toric lenses for your astigmatism, but get lenses that aren't...then you just won't be seeing very well with them, so what's the point ?
If your astigmatism isn't within the parameters of the Freshlook Color torics, then you will just have to be happy with what you were born with...sorry.

So they make color contacts for people with astigmatism?
I just got contacts and i have a slight astigmatism. I was told that i couldn't get color contacts because of this and if i did they wouldn't allow my eyes to breath as much as clear, but i have seen some that say for astigmatism. Are they really out there?

i dont think so ... my sister has that and since when you wear color contacts sometimes you are looking through the color and it gets burry ... the color printed plus half of it more than the other on one contact is hard for you to see..

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Janice Lois said...

Wow…. I was also confused about those facts about contact lenses, thanks for clarifying them.