Friday, November 14, 2008

How to practice putting in contact lenses?

I went to the optometrist yesterday to practice putting in my first pair of contact lenses. I could not do it. After about five minutes of trying, the lens tore. Now they have to order me a new lens and it will take about a week. I have now a week to practice so that I don't have trouble when I go back this Friday. Can I practice keeping my eyelids open while touching my eye with my index finger, or can it hurt my eye if I touch it with a bare finger? Any tips?

First start with a drop of contact solution on your finger and then hold the lashes back and touch you eye. The hardest thing to do is not blink. You have to control your blink. Hold the lash back and open the eye as far as you can. Also if the contact folds do not try to get it open. Put it in the palm of your hand and put some solution in your palm and rub it around to get it open. When you go to put the contact in your eye you might try to put a drop of the solution on the contact and then try to put it in your eye. Just practice holding your lashes up and opening your eye. Just use some solution on your finger.

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