Saturday, November 15, 2008

How long does it take before your eyesight adjusts back after lasik surgery?

i heard your eyes become bad again after lasik surgery after just a few years because they adjust back. Is this true? and what are the other things about lasik i should know about? i also heard that your eyes become very dry.

About half to two thirds of people I come across who have gotten LASIK have experienced their vision getting blurrier.

The eyes don't adjust back to blur. They get blurrier because we are using our eyes incorrectly. Blur is supposed to be a signal from the body that we're doing something wrong. Instead of stopping the incorrect vision habits we put on the quick fix of glasses. Because we don't address the real issues of blur our vision just gets worse year after year. So when we etch our prescription onto our eyes with LASIK the rate of increased blur is similar.

When we use our eyes correctly they will change to whatever shape is necessary to have the best clarity even after they have been mishapped by surgery.

LASIK fixes your eyes at a point in time. If your eyes would have continued to get worse without LASIK, they will continue to get worse after LASIK. Which is why the surgeons insist that your refraction be stable for at least two years before surgery. Most people who have LASIK do not get worse afterwards. Eyes become dry for about 3-6 months after surgery, then go back to normal. Your surgeon will discuss the possible complications and risks to you before you agree to surgery.

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