Saturday, November 15, 2008

What are ALL the risk of having the Lasik Surgery?

Im planning to have lasik surgery next month. can anyone state all the risks after surgery or after several years have passed? by the way, im planning to get it done in Lasik Vision Institute in Houston.
Normally, LASIK is safe, but you may experience mild blurry vision within the first week. After that, you should see more clearly, but some complication do occur. Its best to consult an opthamalogist or just wiki it for full details.

Some people have complained of dry eye, pain, blurry vision or have not been able to drive at night because of problems with glare.
There's a risk, it's very small and so I would shop around for a good doctor. More than 6 million people have had it done, but their are a small number that say their vision was affected.
The FDA is currently reviewing lasik because it has received some 140 complaints from people who say they have eye pain and other problems that never went away.

The doctor may hold the lazer on your eye ball for a little longer than what is needed and burn a hole right into your iris.

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