Friday, November 14, 2008

Glasses for very short sight?

I am very short sighted , i mean ( - 20 ) , I do not want surgery , i keep my glasses on , but they r heavy , the best avilable is 1.8 condensed glassess , is their anything better or more advanced ?
Answer:I wear 1.9 Lantal from Zeiss in my single vision glasses (My Rx only gets up to -13.50), but that has worse chromatic aberrations than the 1.8, which is why it is not used for varifocals. I wear 1.8 like you for those.
There is a way to get thinner and lighter glasses, but it requires sacrificing field of view.Some form of blended lenticular (Myodisc) will probably give the best comptromise of weight, thickness and cosmetic appearance, but that needs discussing carefully, concerning what form the "carrier " lens should take, and how small the optically corrected portion should be.
(the smaller that is, the thinner the overall lens can be, but with more constraint to the visual field: more need to turn the head rather than turn the eyes.)
The other chief factor is simpler: the smallest roundest frames *that look good on you* give the best overall results for the lenses.
(With a low-power carrier lens on a lenticular, that becomes a lot less critical).

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