Friday, November 14, 2008

Can anybody tell me if operation on eyes to reduce short sight is safe and worth doing?

Laser surgery has been around for quite a while and I know many people who have had it done and they are very pleased with it. You need to consult an ophthalmologist to see if you are a good candidate for it.

It's probably the best thing you can do! For my husband having his vision corrected has been a life altering experience. Make sure you look into your options. There are 2 different procedures, Lasik and PRK. Lasik has a faster healing time, but there will always be the weakness around where they cut to be able to get to the cornea. PRK has a longer healing time, but you will not have any weakness, as the eye is not cut and heals as one piece. Depending on your activities and lifestyle find which is the best surgery for you.

I'm 17 and I can't have laser eye surgery until I'm 21 when my eyes stop changing so rapidly. I''ve been interested in the surgery for years, but I'm still a bit weary.
I know two women who had their eyes done years ago and one of them has to keep going back, because her eye sight is still gradually getting worse and the other women was probably one of the first in the UK to have it done and she is as blind as a bat.
I'm gona wait until they know the long term effects. Laser eye surgery hasn't been around long enough for them to know how it will effect your eyes in the future. Maybe in the future it will go down in price too.
I have heard about people's eyesight being worse than ever after surgery, someone going blind and like someone else said "you only get one pair of eyes". One of the ladies I know who had it done said she could smell her eyeball burning during the surgery, she said it smelt like burnt pork! Ewww!

Oooh I had laser eye treatement about 5yrs ago and I am still so-o-o excited about how fab it is!!! It is THE best thing I have ever spent my money on and cant recommend it highly enough!!! It is absolutely fabulous!!! If you can afford to have it done then I wouldnt hesitate for a second, you will not regret it!! I used 'Ultralase' by the way.

I've wondered this too. But £2000 is a lot to find and you only get one set of eyes...and it could go wrong however, small that is and then would be stuffed. Not only that but when older, you don't know if will start to heal in a different way, like cataracts etc. So this is what makes me question it - plus I remember what was like when had my eye muscle adjusted. :(Having said that if went fine, better than £20-30 a month in lenses or £182.50 with half-price eye test and glasses. :(I think the cost of the procedure allows me to justify my excuse not to.I like my contact lenses for now. If those become unwearable and as I become older, then it might be more viable. I am estimating death around 70. Currently 33.I pay £200 a year for lenses, so that will last me the next decade and who knows what they will find in a decade, how costs change? With lenses I get the best of both worlds and I can swim etc. Without having lenses, would consider it.tompsykoman: Well I have my left eye stronger than my right. My brain from birth learnt to switch the right off because it had a squint before was corrected by tightening the muscle. I find now it is a bit sensitive to bright sun. So although sees fine, I don't always use the information from it. I don't notice it - is still slightly out. So if I were to do this, then doing the right eye may make the right work harder again as the left vision would be poor without a lense. Also would be good for testing it first.I've heard the cut technique is better. Probably because of healing time.

LASIK is now pretty safe, but, with all surgeries, there is always that slim chance of something going wrong. If you still want to go ahead, I'd suggest doing like I did. Start with having only one eye corrected. That way, if something goes wrong, you still have at least one god eye yet.

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