Saturday, November 15, 2008

When will contrast sensitivity return to normal after lasik surgery?

I had lasik surgery three weeks ago and my ability to see contrast is still not as good as it was when I had glasses. TV shows in hi-def and regular-def look the same to me. Anyone has the same experience? When does it get better?

The general rule is to allow three months before considering the results anything like final, This is why supplementary treatments to adjust Rx are normally left at least that long.

But I'm afraid permanent loss of contast sensitivity is a potential side affect of Lasik surgery.

You may still have some corneal haze, which could resolve, and should be checked for infiltating epithelial cells.

But if the loss is down to aberrations from the corneal surface, a resolution may not be easy to achieve, and further surgery should be approached with caution.
How long should i wait to wear a contact after having lasik surgery?
Please i just want to know how long to wait after having lasik surgery done. Its been about a week and 2 weeks can anyone tell me if its ok to wear a contact lens. What are the risks and can i pull the flap off the eye still?
i wouldn't pull the flap off and it shouldn't take one year to heal !!
if you did pull it off, it would take one week for the surface of the cornea to fully grow back and your chance of an infection is huge.
ring your eye surgeon, that's what he is there for. he knows your situation.

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