Friday, November 14, 2008

How do I get rid of the marks on the side of my nose that is a result of wearing glasses/spectacles?

I've worn glasses since I was four and now I have these dark marks just where the glasses rest on my nose.My current spectacles are not tight they are fitting nicely.The dark marks are a result of years of wearing glasses.

Try using coverup. I used to wear glasses (contacts now) and got those too. But they were just indentations from the nose pad thingies. If you go without glasses for a few days, they should clear up, unless they aren't indentations. In that case, I'd go see a doctor or optometrist and ask what you can do about them. At least when you wear glasses, you can't see those marks since they cover them up. If you don't want to have this problem anymore, I'd suggest you get contacts. They're really easy to use once you get used to them, but they do cost more than glasses so I hope your insurance covers them.

i got those 2. ive only worn glasses since i was like 8 now im 13, and i got some of those 2 there. i never really thought of it, cuz as long as i wear my glasses theyr not visible, but when i saw myself without them, i did notice that i look like im tired or something. so, i guess it would b ok to use coverup thats the same tone as the skin there. some is lighter and some is darker, mine is kinda purplish rite there, which is wierd, but you might want to try tanning without your glasses, maybe.

you could use shud really try to find some glasses that arent too tight and that have a cushion..where it touches your nose..they sell glasses like that at like Newlook,or any fancy eyewear place. but they wont be cheap,they'll be expensive .

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