Friday, November 14, 2008

Is Freshlook Color Contact Lenses Very Uncomfortable?

I have 20/20 eye vision and i've tried colored contacts before i've tried Flexwear Colors contact lenses and they feel fine. They are a little bit uncomfortable but that's maybe because my eyes get dry. I'm planning on buying Freshlook Color or Colorblends contact lenses and i've heard they are quite uncomfortable. So i was just wondering if i buy Freshlook Lenses and i've already tried other colored lenses will the uncomfortability level of the lenses be the same or will freshlook really be a problem?

Yes, its a bit of a joke in the eyecare industry, when you talk about freshlook colors and comfort, they don't go together. They have the best selection of colors but they are not comfortable. Acuvue has colors that are much more comfortable but just not quite the selection. You see, freshlook (ciba vision) puts the color on the outside of the lens so you can actually feel it on your eyes.

I have been an ophthalmic and contact lens technician for about 18 yrs, including working as a sales rep for Ciba Vision , the company that makes Freshlook contacts. I now work for Hydrogel Vision and we make contacts specifically for patients with dryness and/or comfort issues but not cosmetic lenses. My point...discomfort was a well known drawback of the Freshlook product when I worked as a sales rep at Ciba Vision and still is---it was the most common objection from doctors and patients we had to overcome. The cause was not widely known or agreed upon but thought it could be the "dot matrix" pattern stamped on the back of the lens that formed the color pattern or an inherent flaw of the lens design chances are good that you will experience some level of discomfort with these contact lenses. But everyones corneas are vastly different in shape, size and depth so you just may be one of the few who don't have comfort issues. Make an appointment at any eye docs office and they will let you try them on with no obligation to buy.

I love mine they're prescription but they still feel great. But after 2 weeks of wearing them you really have to change them because then they feel like their sucking your eyeball out.

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