Monday, November 17, 2008

Eye makeup for someone with dry eyes?

I have dry eyes and have tried to wear eyeliner and mascara but when I apply it my eyes really burn. Is thee an allergy free eye makeup that I could use?

Well, i make sure my eyes always stand out, and sometimes, they can get kind of dry. What i like to do is put on 'True Blend' over my eyelids and under. that way when you put on eye shadow, it wont get into your eyes. I use MAX mascara, it helps me out a lot. but make sure you put it on slow, and not so close to the base of your eyelid.

I consult Cosmetic Friends about management of Eye-care andfollowing the useful tips and advice I beautify my eyes verycarefully and suitably.I wash my eyes with rosewater,apply beautiful eye-lining design of my choice.
With eye-liner pencil and brush I decorate my eye with wonderful shade.I tonne up my eyes.
I consider every aspect of my eye decoration in different shapes,shades and needs.
MY EYES are browny hence I applypurple eyeshadow.I wish to apply bold eye shadow,so I follow basic rules,i.e. I apply dark colour on lash line. To highlight my eyes,I use nude colour lipstick.iI take much care on applying beautiful mascara on eye-lid,and put KAJAL on lower lids.

Aww that must sucks. But you know what? I think you should apply facial moisturizer on your eyes. But during night time apply both the moisturizer and Vaseline. That will sooth you're skin and make it less irrating. I suggest using cream base makeup it's smooth and easy to put on. My trecommendationion is using m.a.c fluidline it's kinda expensive but it's worth it.

ummm... most say they are alergy free but most really arnet. so the best thing for you is to find out what exactly your allergic to so that you can find a product without that ingridient. most likely a department store will have somethign for you.

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