Monday, November 24, 2008

Will my nearsightedness(and astigmatism) get worse if i dont wear glasses?

im 24 and have nearsightedness and my left eye is astigmatic. i can manage without glasses but will my sight get worse if i dont wear glasses?
also, what does astigmatism actually mean..does it mean that my left eye will keep getting worse forever?

Your eyes gradually change year to year whether you wear glasses or not. If you get by without, more power to you.

I work at a Specsavers store myself, and we often have patients getting glasses on the NHS and not wearing them. To be quite honest, not wearing your glasses will do your vision no good; as you are straining your eyes. If you wear glasses you will not strain your eyes as much, and often if you need glasses when young they can sometimes correct themselves within time.
An astigmatism is very common and is nothing to worry about! It just alters the cyl prescription in your glasses which helps you reflect the image through the lens and then to the back of your eye. An astigmatism basically means your eye is more of a rugby shape. It really is nothing to worry about, and can often correct itself within time.
However I would stronly recommend you wear your glasses if your optician has prescribed you with them. If you're not liking the style, there is a superb designer range - however you must be prepared to splash out!

No, usually your vision stabilizes when you stop growing. Wearing glasses will not improve your vision. The exception would be some pediatric patients. If you can get by without them, there is no harm to your eyes. Your vision may just not be as clear. FYI- astigmatism does tend to worsen with age, not usually until you are much older though. Remember 80% of the population has some astigmastism and most are not corrected with glasses.

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