Monday, November 24, 2008

What's the difference between Myopia and Astigmatism. Can you have astigmatism without having myopia?

I just got a prescription for glasses because I have a mild astigmatism in both my eyes. Does that mean I'm nearsighted as well because distances are blurry for me? When I wear my glasses to read I get kind of dizzy - should I just use them for distances?

to read your prescription it would show a number such as this:-1.25-.50 x140.....The first number represents the power needed to bring far objects closer. This is known as the sphere. The second number is called the cylinder. Any time you have a cylinder it means there is an astigmatism present. The last number is the axis. The axis is the direction by which light will pass through the lens so that objects will come into better focus. When you have the first number only ,then you have simple myopia. The negative sign is representing nearsightedness. Had it been a plus sign it would be farsightedness or hyperopia. When your prescription is compounded with the second and third number then it means astigmatism.

no, often they don't occur together. Myopia, or nearsightedness, occurs when our eye is too long, from cornea to retina, so the focus point isn't i the right place for far away objects.. this causes images to focus unclearly on the retina. in an astigmatism, which i have, the CORNEA is odly shaped, and so the eyes can't focus on any object. the eye doesn't have a focal point. SO EVERYTHING IS BLURRY.i have an astigmatism. i don't have myopia. i sometimes get dizzy, when i replace them i get dizzy, and because things close appear bigger, i dont always use them to read.its all about what you feel. your vision won't be damaged if you dont wear them, so go ahead.

I can't totally answer your question without knowing the actual prescription. Many people have astigmatism incorporated into their near and far sighted corrections. As far as the type of wearing you are supposed to be using them for, that question would be better directed to the doctor's office. Myopia means you are near sighted and astigmatism basically means, based on the shape of the eye, that 2 curvatures in the same lens are necessary to bring the light to a focus on the retina.

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