Friday, November 14, 2008

What is better reading glasses or contact lenses?

Is it possible to get contact lenses for reading and get a different color too or do they have to be the same color as ur eyes?? or would reading glasses be better?

Contact lenses are usually clear, or have a light blue 'handling tint', which doesn't affect how your eyes look to others or how you see. You can get tinted lenses, but it's a pain to put lenses in and out just to read - I would recommend glasses if they're just for reading. You really don't want to be fannying around with solutions and pots every time you need to read something.

do you only need glasses to read?then get some reading glasses.
if you have to wear your glasses constantly, you can think about lenses as well - go to an optician and get a trial (you need to do this to find out which lenses you can wear and if you can see everything perfectly). usually, correcting lenses are transparent or slightly coloured (so you find them easier if one falls to the ground ;-) )
If you want to use lenses to change your eye colour, these are purely cosmetically as far as I know. they don't correct short or wide sight.

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