Friday, November 14, 2008

How to choose contact lenses ?

Where can i get good contact lenses (which company makes the best ones)? Should I go to my eye doctor or to a eye glass company like Eyemart or Walmart Eye-something?
Go to an eye doctor, not a Wal-Mart or Pearl or Lenscrafters. I once had an eye doctor tell me that a lot of places like Lenscrafters write prescriptions for your eyes that are less than you need. So, of course, in no time, it feels like you can't see and you have to go back to Lenscrafters, earlier than you needed.
Your eye doctor will do an exam, measure your eyes, and decide on what contact lenses are best for you. Then, you go back to the doctor and try on several pairs.

You have to go to the eye doctor before you can get contacts. I got to Walmart to get my contact exam, and then i go to a regular eye doctor for the other stuff. But i love Acuvue 2. They have worked best for my eyes. But the doctor will tell you which brand will be best for your eyes.

well if you need a prescription contact lens you will have to go to an eye doctor to get them since you will need a prescription. and i would go with the acuve products/ the disposable ones, because most year ones dont last that long and if you lose one you have replacements.

You have to get a contact lense exam or they will not give them to you. They will also give you what you need there is nothing to worry about. I have worn contacts for 15 years it's cake.

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