Saturday, November 15, 2008

How common are the side effects of Lasik surgery?

And also the number of people who have gone blind due to the surgery?

I just had Lasik myself and still recovering but when I was thinking about doing it and talking to people about it, practically everybody I'd talked to knew somebody who'd done it and all their stories were positive. I heard remarks like "would do it again tomorrow", "go for it", "best money I ever spent". For sure there are ppl who have side effects but in some cases they were not good candidates for the surgery in the first place. Some places, sadly, care more about taking your money than your eyesight. I was pretty confident in the place I picked because they'd actually told somebody I know that he was not a candidate.
When looking for accurate numbers on complications rates, try to find something official like FDA. I am pretty sure that the lasik places under-report their complication rates while optometrists who make a living out of selling you contacts and glasses will likely over-report them.

Lasik surgery has improved greatly and safety has become its first priority. Many people like you are afraid of the rumors behind Lasik surgery- like going blind or losing quality vision. That is not true; obviously, some risks are there, that is common to all surgeries. They are manageable and if you’re lucky to have a skilled and experience surgeon, those complications will never prop up.
Think of some of these athletes like Tiger woods, Greg Maddox, Jeff Bagwell or Bernie Williams they all have had Lasik surgery done and it never ever affect their performance. Do you think with so many famous celebrities trusting there livelihood to this surgery, will not be safe? They won’t take the risk of millions of dollars friend!!!
Lasik surgery has improved many people’s life, don’t worry, and let this surgery be a boon to your new life…

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