Friday, November 14, 2008

How can i improve my short sight myself?

I have been wearing glasses since i was about 10-11 and 5 years on ive had to get my then strengthed twice...

I wear them all the time but should only used them for certain things,now i have tp wear them all the time as i cant see!

Is there anyway i can begin to improve my eyesight?

Answer:Theres nothing you can do to improve your eyesight apart from Laser Surgery, but you shouldn't do this, it's not a good option, I'm short sighted myself 2.50 Distance in each eye and I've got to wear glasses myself, been wearing them for a year, strengthened once, maybe they'll need to be strengthened but the more you wear your glasses when you need them, the less likely your eyes will get worse, honestly, glasses are so hot right now :) Get some designer ones and you won't even notice your wearing them!

Also, you could try and get some Contact lenses? Which are paid monthly, or you can get the disposable ones, talk to an optimist about this.

You can try eye exercises. I have seen some improvement with such exercises, but since then, I haven't been doing them consistently... so I have probably negated any positive results.

it appears that your eye prescription contain any comment like *** or nip and also the condition of the retina----to a lense of 10-11diopter that necessities constant wear gives an idea of non improving eyes for which contacts and lasik treatments could be done.

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