Monday, November 24, 2008

Is a astigmatism permanatley cureable with glasses, or do i have to wear them for my whole life?

And if my eyes are compensating for the astigmatism, isn't that a good thing? Why do I still have to wear glasses? before i was diagnosed, i didn't get headaches or anything?

I think way too many people get glasses because of temporary headaches or very minor blurr. I also think that a few doctors sneak them in to make a little more money. If I were given glasses for headaches and the headaches went away while I was not wearing glasses, I would not wear the glasses.
Our vision is not fixed. It often changes anywhere from a quarter to three quaters of a diopter daily and even hourly. I also believe that astigmatism is caused by irregular muscle tension around the eye. It is proved to me every time one of my students reduce their astigmatism prescription.
If a person does not see any multiple images while looking at the moon(a high contrast object) they usually don't have enough astigmatism to worry about.
Just some basic info: Astigmatism is impossible to correct with glasses. When we tilt our head our eyes stay horizontal while our glasses follow our head. We can see this by looking closely at our eyes in the mirror and tilting our head.

Glasses do not cure any kind of prescription.
Wearing glasses corrects your prescription short-sighted, long-sighted or astigmatic. When you take the glasses off their effects stop. Glasses cannot alter your eyes in any way, this is why the old-wives-tale saying you become dependent on glasses is a complete lie.
Your eyes do not compensate for a prescription so no, it is not good to not wear the glasses. It doesn't matter what symptoms you were or weren't getting, you'll have been prescribed them because you need them, possibly to make your eyes relaxed and to see better.

I am afraid the glasses are a management, not a treatment.

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