Friday, November 14, 2008

Can I purchase contact lenses without insurance?

I'm 17 and our Medicaid insurance ran out. My temporary-use contacts are months old already (should only be used for 2 weeks) and I was wondering if I could skip all the trouble of insurance and buy contact lenses straight with money? If so, what will I need to pay for, and how much will it cost ( range)?
dependin on your prescription you could be looking at $20-$60 per box.

It depends on your prescription and what your doctor recommends.
Typically, disposable contacts for single-vision will run about $20-$30 a box, six to a box.
However, remember you need to purchase TWO boxes--one for each eye. So minimum outlay you are looking at is around $50. If you have a prescription that is more than just single-vision (say to correct astigmatism or bifocal lenses), expect to pay considerably more.
I wear bifocal lenses and correct for astigmatism so I outlay nearly $50 a box or $100 for a 4-6 month supply.A pair of lenses will last from 2-4 weeks. Again, that is dependent on what your eye doctor recommends. Mine usually only last about 3 weeks. It also depends on how long you wear them each day.
If you wear them 14 hours a day, expect them to last considerably less than 4 weeks.

Where can i find contact lenses without a perscription?
i want to get color contact lenses that are not the ones for better vision .i need to know what pharmacy i can get them with out a perscription.

Colour contact lenses? They are not prescription at all, and they dont nessisarily have to come from a pharmacy. Good costume shops may have them, or goth/indie shops aswell as places like boots.

Well first of all you need to know what your eye prescription is, how will you know what prescription of contacts to get? Do you already know what the prescription is? It's pointless to buy them if you don't know what your prescription is.

Walmart used to sell them and I bet they still do, however, the eye doctor has to fit them to your eye so you would still need to make an appointment. The best place to buy things that aren't legal to sell is on the internet.

Not possible in the USA and if it was would you really want to put something in your eye that could potentially cause you harm?
You can get contacts that do not have prescriptions they are just meant to change the color of your eyes I call them vanity lenses but again you need to see an eye doctor prescrib them to you.

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