Saturday, November 15, 2008

When will Medicaid and Medicare start covering Lasik eye surgery instead of glasses?

I'm tired of hearing that they won't cover Lasik eye surgery my vision is 20/100 and now when I lose my glasses I have to wait a long time before they replace it and they replace it only every 2 years.
Why won't Medi-cal and Medicare cover lasik eye surgery?

In my observation, I have noticed that the government is at least ten years behind medical "trends", for lack of a better word. I don't expect those two agencies to cover such a breakthrough any time soon.

When it costs the same as glasses. Maybe if you go to the "Lets Suck Off Of The Taxpayers Store" you will find Lasik surgery on the same shelf as glasses but I highly doubt it. Why aren't grateful that the the taxpayers pay for your glasses? It is hardly our fault that your are not responsible enough to not lose your glasses.

never. medicaid and medicare are paid for by me and other tax payers. medicaid is free. medicare will not pay their doctors enough as it is (because of corrupt doctors)its cosmetic surgery. like lipo. they will never cover lipo either. you could become a firefighter. i hear they have really great insurance.

Because lasik is as needed a surgery as.. well, nothing. If you have vision corrected by a cheaper and safer (who wants to pay for the million things that can go wrong with lasik) pair of glasses, why on earth should other tax payers be expected to dole out for you to look pretty?


~Mexi~ said...

It easy to say all this stuff about taxpayers not paying. When some of the tax payers don't care about any body but themselves. It's so selfish for someone to say “heck why should taxpayers pay for others to look pretty.” Only if they had to go through what some do. Then I bet their minds would change so fast they wish they could. It’s not my fault that lazy people rip off people like my dad and make my family and others a living hell! Race shouldn’t matter in the work world. Like when people take advantage of Mexicans as my dad. When almost all you taxpayers are probably living in a house that my dad sweat to build for everyone to have a roof over their head! Building houses is it necessary to have a pool or etc. that isn’t something you need. But do people still rent them? Yes, why I don’t know, now why get eye surgery… That’s the question I want to answer. Did you know that glasses and contacts mess up your eyes more? Well they do. That’s why they tell people to come back every year so they can change your prescription. Your wasting more money on glasses because they more someone goes the more money the government takes. But if you pay for surgery instead it’s a permanent thing. No more wasting taxpayer’s money on glasses. Just that one time you go in come out probably the last time you need to go every to the eye doctors. Everyone would save money and be happy. Is that such a bad thing.

Unknown said...

This is a valid question. I am curious about what I can do to preserve my vision for as long as I can. I am 34 and am disabled with numerous conditions, at my last eye appointment I was told that they couldn't go any stronger with my prescription and that I would be legally blind within two years... It took two doctors to confirm it and this was a year ago. The glasses I was prescribed are still blurry but it was the best the could do and will never get better only worse... Forgive me if I would like laser surgery in order to add some longevity of my eyes, and no it wouldn't be to "look pretty" as I know I would still be in glasses but at least I would be able to see with them and for longer!! Every case is different and for some people this surgery is a need!!