Friday, November 14, 2008

Who else thinks college students are being short sighted about voting for Obama?

Will the same people be whining in 8 years that Obama is taking 50% of their money to give to someone who didn't earn it?
Answer:Oh yes. I was in college only a few years ago and I believed in change. But once you've graduated and get into the REAL world you realize that change is not so easily occurring It takes time for change and its going to take longer than 8 years that Obama can possibly be in office and it relies on unity of the Congress which is never going to happen. A Change we can believe in? Just a made up slogan that sounds good at first but later you realize that its not going to change its going to make our country worse.

False. Provide links to your claim. Obama is the only president that talks about letting young people be able to afford college and giving the a tax break or whatever. Young people aren't just voting for Obama because it's cool. Wake up and look around. We are in a economic ca crisis cause by the Republican leadership. McCain wants to talk about Rev. Wright and Ayers and he doesn't have a plan to fix the economy. Young, old and all races are voting for Obama because he's the best candidate. We can't afford four more years of the same. McCain is for the rich. In all three debates he never mention the middle or lower class. 0~~

College students are concerned about the future. You might want to call them idealistic, but they care and fear that they might not have a future. Most students also tend to be liberal.
I know from talking to my own daughter, who is a college student, that she fears that the planet is going to hell, that global warming might mean that we will be looking at ocean front property in Kansas. She sees McCain/Palin as archaic and out of step with what she believes in. She believes in evolution and choice and science and a fair shake for all Americans. Yes, she is idealistic, but she is the future.
If eight years from now, she is complaining, then so be it. We all whine no matter who is the president.

You know, not all people are able to "earn" it. We all have the potential to face circumstances in our lives that may prevent us from taking care of our families.
Perhaps we are badly hurt, maybe even while we are working. Perhaps we lose our jobs. Perhaps our spouse dies. When things like this happen, we may not be able to "earn" it. Does that automatically make these people bums? Don't generalize and make stereotypes. Help should always be there for those who need it. Yes, there will always be people who take advantage of help. But to stereotype all people who take help from the government like you have is unfair. And as a taxpayer myself, I'm OK with paying my part to ensure that children don't go hungry, people with disabilities aren't without options, etc.
And BTW, if you REALLY listen to Obama's tax plan, you'd know that people who make less than $250,000 a year (that's me!) will NOT SEE A TAX INCREASE.

THIS IS A DEMOCRACY...and PEOPLE ARE FREE TO VOTE FOR WHOMEVER THEY WANT....We DEMs had to endure 8 years of GEORGE W. BUSH tanking our economy....and now we are heading in a DEFLATIONARY RECESSION....Just because YOU don't want a black person the highest public office DOESN'T mean others feel the way you DO! Stop trying to persuade people...IT IS DONE!

What college did you go to, that eight years after earning a four-year degree you're making more than $250,000 a year? I obviously went to the wrong one!

People who have higher education tend to be more tolerance of different ethic groups. Most people who have low IQs are racist. That's a fact.

You have bought in to the same old tired argument that got us in the mess we're in now. Same old stupid mess!

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