Saturday, November 15, 2008

How much does lasik eye surgery cost nowadays?

I've been wanting lasik eye surgery for a long while now coz I'm so sick of contacts and glasses. Is there monthly payments or payment in full? And will getting lasik get rid of astigmatism, or lazy eyes as well??
Mine was about $2K per eye. But it depends on the method of surgery, the extensiveness of corrective work needed, and the doctor you use.
Most places have financing available. I think it can help astigmatism, but I don't know about lazy eye. Consultations are usually free of charge so be sure to visit a few doctors to find the one that's best for you.
These are your eyes, you don't want to bargain shop, and the price is worth it.

Will the price of lasik eye surgery go down in the near future?

I was thinking of getting the lasik eye surgery, but the cost is keeping me down.I have myopia with -4.5d. Last time I checked the cost for costumvue lasik surgery was around $ 3,800 for both eyes.

Nothing else in our society is getting cheaper these days and as you know, the cost of living (and doctor's expenses-- staff, cost of laser, maintenance fee for the laser, royalty for the laser manufacturer every time the laser is used, rent will not be coming down anytime soon). I would not trust my eyes to a bargain basement dr. who flies in from out of town, does dozens of surgeries and then comes back in weeks. You need an established surgeon who isn't going to move out of town next month. Remember, LASIK is surgery. Not blood and guts surgery. But still surgery.

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