Friday, November 14, 2008

What are the symptoms of over using my contact lenses?

i keep my contacts in for months at a time, no problems what so ever. the longest i have had them in for is 9 months. i have had any problems yet but i want to know the symptoms of a problem if it begins to develop. will the problem happen over night. or does it take a long time to develop? and is everyone different. can somepeople where contact lenses for months and months at a time without any side effects?

Some people's eyes are more sensitive than others. Yours seem very tolerant of contacts. But just because it hasn't bothered you yet doesn't mean you should keep wearing them so often. Eye doctors say not to wear them more than 12 hours a day. You will probably experience redness, sensitivity, or irritation if a problem develops. I have gotten keratitis (which basically means eye irritation), and it actually felt better with the contacts in. I suggest taking them out, and don't ever sleep in them!

well when i was sleeping in them a lot i woke up with like this crusty stuff on my eyes like pink eye and that's what i thought it was, but it turns out since i was sleeping in them, my eye wasn't getting any oxygen so it was all red. they said i even popped a blood vessel!! make sure you change them!

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