Friday, November 14, 2008

Why do contact lenses sting when first putting them on in the morning?

I've been wearing contact lenses since I was in high school and this is just unavoidable. Every morning when I put them on they burn my eyes.

It could be that the pH level of the solution that the lenses are stored in is different from your eyes'. There will be a pH which the manufacturer targets when making the solution. If this is different from your natural level, it can create a stinging sensation until the pH level of the tear film on your eye and the solution on the contact lenses come into balance.
This problem might be made worse by buffered solutions which are designed to maintain a constant pH level, which if set at a different pH level from your eye, could prevent your tear film and the solution's pH from balancing.

I wear contacts and I can tell you why. They are not cleaned all the way. The only way you should first rinse them with water and wash them in the morning. Them you should apply your solution it would be rinsed of protien good luck.

Just happening recently? If so, take them to your eye doc because maybe there is a tear in them both, or the prescription is running out of strength, or your eyes are now sensitive to the current solution you are using. Maybe you are developing an allergy to dust.

Why do my contact lenses burn when I put them on?
I slept over a friend's house and forgot my case so I decided to get a tiny bowl and put solution in it. As you know it completely slipped my mind that you can't put both contact lenses together. Any how, I did and I only covered it with a paper towel. When I tried putting them on the next day they burned so bad I couldn't even open my eyes to take it out.
By the way, they're new, about a day old.

Please call your optometrist. Your eyes may have to be examined. It sounds like you might have dry eyes. Get checked for that. There are great drops for that.

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