Monday, November 24, 2008

Why do most Asians have to wear glasses/have nearsightedness?

Is there some scientific reason as to why this is? If you know (for real) why, I'd like to know. Don't give me stupid answers, I know a stereotype from a fact.
Not all Asians have bad eyesights...I'm an Asian too and in my country most people have 20/20 vision but I met a lot of Koreans and Japanese and most of them have eyeglasses or contact lenses because of eyesight problems. I guess it's because of their lifestyle. Most Koreans and Japanese people usually spend their time in front of the computer. Whether studying, working, or just enjoying. They also usually depend on the internet and the computer for everything that they need . From clothes, to food to shoes etc...And they started using the computer when they were really young. I'm really not sure but I think they are straining their eyes much more than other Asians do so that's why they have to wear eyeglasses.

I would like to know what 'your country' is; do you even realize how many Asians have to wear glasses? It does not matter whether you are Japanese, Korean, or some other Asian race; the vast majority of Asians I have seen wear glasses. In America at least basically ALL Asian-Americans wear glasses.

In my country though most people have great eyesight until the late 40's or 50's because in my country most people don't have computers and aren't addicted to the internet... lol life's too simple out here.

Many Asians start losing their depth perception at an earlier age, that's why driving with my mom is a scary experience as well as the fact that she doesn't believe in using her turn signal.

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