Friday, November 14, 2008

I forgot to take my contact lenses out last night now i have cloudy vision?

Last night i went out clubbin, i forgot to take my contact lenses out when i got home and today when i took them out i have cloudy vision? Its like haze i can see everything but like a fog? I wear monthly toric contacts. Triend washing my eyes with water that made it worse, any one no whats cause the cloudy vision and if it will go?
Please see a doctor or an optician.My friend ignored this and ended up losing the sight in one eye through infection.Admittedly this was extreme and she is a deal older than you, lacked tears too, but sight is very precious.

I wear monthly ones as well but when i accidently sleep in them my eyes just get real sore and have orange rings around them. There was nothing i could do but wait. in a few hours the rings went away and they didnt hurt. But cloudy vision? make a quick pitstop to your optomitrist and just explain what happened.

What do I need to know about contact lenses?
I am really tired of wearing glasses and I've been wanting to get contact lenses. The thing is, I don't know where to begin. What's a good price? Where can I take the exam and for how much? Lastly, how many types of contact lenses are there?

Your optometrist will be able to fit you with contacts. Ask him about prices, then you can call other optometrists in your area to compare.Most likely there won't be a big difference. Most of us now wear the soft lens. Very comfortable. Probably the most important thing is to be extremely clean with them. ALWAYS wash your hands really well before putting them in or taking them out. And listen to your doctor as far as how long he wants you to wear them per day, etc.Contacts are a wonderful thing! I've worn them for lots of years, and can't imagine not having them.

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