Friday, November 14, 2008

Will myopia continue to worsen and will I eventually become blind?

I am short sighted, very short sighted! And although i only need to go for an eye test every 2 years, everytime i go my eye sight has become worse, even if a little bit. [I am 19 btw] It never seems to have stopped getting worse, i am worried about it continuing to worsen and if there's a chance they could stop? And is there a fairly high chance that when im old I could become blind?

(There are one or two rare progressive diseases, I need to add to cover myself)
Being short-sighted has hardly any correlation with going blind in later life.
The risk is virtually the same as for everyone else.And the main causes of blindness have nothing to do with Rx at all.
Most people's Rx stabilises somewhere between 18-23, whenever the growth phase stops.

The term you want to use here is "near sighted".. not short sighted.. near sighted is myopia.. short sighted.. well, that could mean alot of drafty things about the way you view the world and the way you interact with people..
Look at one of your parents.. one of them also has thick glasses... we can only fight genetics so much.

I'm 49 and have been nearsighted since the age of 10. I've been relatively stable for the past 25 years so I would say you don't have anything to worry about.

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