Sunday, December 21, 2008

How long am i allowed to wear daily contact lenses?

I have recently started using daily disposable contact lenses and was wondering how long i am allowed to wear them for.
You should start of gradually only for a couple of hours a day at the start then build up to all day ...........
Do not leave them in after a drunken night out ...I did once not good believe me.
Confirm with your local opticians for the best advise.

The idea of the daily wear lenses is for the convenience of not having to buy solution to clean and store them.
So, if you are going to do that anyway by wearing them longer than a day, why don't you get the 2 week disposables instead. It would be a lot cheaper than the daily wear.
You are defeating the purpose of a daily wear lens, so why pay for them. Daily lenses are the most expensive way to go.

I've been using Focus Dailies for a long time now. I have worn them for close to a whole day, but I do not recommend it. By that point your eyes will get dry and the contacts might fall out. I usually wear them from 7am to 10pm or just have to find out what is comfortable for you. But when you first get the contacts, you need to start out wearing them for 3-4 hours, then each day wear them an hour longer so your eyes can adjust.

You can wear them for as many hours as you like - just take them out before you go to bed and throw them away.
If your eyes start to get really dry and drops don't help, it's time to take them out.

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