Saturday, December 20, 2008

How many hours should I be wearing my contact lenses?

Hi guys,got my first contact lenses today. I think the doc said 8 hours. Does it matter if I go two hours over time? These are daily contacts and I don't have any drops..
not really i got my contacts last year and i wore them the frist day for like 7 hrs and by the next week i was wearing em from like 8:30-11:30 at nite :) it doesn't really matter if u feel them like coming out or sticking to your eyes rewett them with re-wetting drops or just take em out and use your glasses :)
I would take the advice of your dR. It takes your eyes a while to get use to wearing lenses for the first time. Your eyes can get dried out and sore if worn too long . It pro bally won't hurt you going a little past 8hr. but really should be a gradual process approx.2weeks till your eyes get use to them. Never sleep in them however. Mt dr. told me one girl did so and eventually went blind .. so be very careful & to prevent burning wash hands rinse extra well before putting in and when removing.

Is there any way to keep a pair of one day contact lenses useable for two days?
I used a pair of one day contact lenses today but now I don't have any more left for tomorrow!I can't get any from the opticians cos they're all sold out so I've ordered them and they're coming on Wednesday.My question is though, is there any way I can preserve the lenses overnight so I can wear them tomorrow?

Not a good idea to reuse or extend a 1 day lens. Just wear your glasses until the contacts come in (and if you dont have glasses you should make that a priority). The lenses are only approved for 1 day use. No, even with cleaning fluid, they break down after a while. Have you ever noticed how much softer and weaker they feel when you take them out at the end of the day?
Just place them in the cleaning solution. Just promise to throw them away after your second use. It is not healthy to reuse a one day disposable contact lenses.

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