Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to put in contact lenses for a beginner?

I got contact lenses a couple of days ago and when the doctor was teaching me to put them in I learned right away and put them in easily. But the next morning I couldn't put them in!!! Its so stressful and I need to learn how to do it fast because the first day of school is in about 6 days and field hockey tryouts are on the first day and I cant play with my glasses on because they ALWAYS fall off my face!
Use the same technique that you learned in the doctors office. I am sure it is correct. The reason they went in so easy the first time is probably because your eyes were dilated. When my eyes are that way my contact go in right away. Everyone is different and it will only take time. For me personally I know that I will always have a hard time getting the right contact in, so I do that one second because I don't want to get my left eye all watery before I even put a contact near it. I also have a slight twitch in my one eye. And for that I have to hold the contact lense a different way. It will only come with time. Try practicing. Try to put them in, three different times a day, but once you have them in keep them in for atleast an hour. This way your eyes will have a chance to adjust to them and you will get used to putting them in. If you get so frustrated that you are getting mad, then step away and try again later. It will only make it harder if you angry.

You need to sit in front of a mirror and practice. Make sure your hands and contacts are clean. It will take a couple of weeks for your eyes to get use to them. When I first got contacts, it could take me 30 minutes in the morning to get them both in! Don't worry, it gets better, but it takes time!

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