Saturday, December 20, 2008

What are the safety rules for contact lenses ?

Ok so im getting my contact lenses soon and i was wondering what are the things that i should stay away from ; safety rules ?

find the only thing that causes trouble is bits of dust, dirt or eyelashes getting in your eye. Normally they get flushed out by blinking but with lenses in they can get stuck on the edge of the lens and pushed under your eyelid, where they cause soreness and potentially infection. If you feel something go in your eye don't be tempted to leave it - take the lens out and rinse it. Be careful in situations where there is a lot of dust or other stuff flying about - wear sunglasses in dusty conditions and use goggles when doing DIY.

If your eye feels sore, leave the lens out if you can. You will probably find you can get by with only one.

Also, you should always rinse the lens with saline after you have touched the inside surface, never put it straight in your eye.

What is the maximum amount of time one is allowed to wear daily contact lenses?
For Focus Dailies (All Day Comfort) Contact Lenses, what is the maximum amount of time one is allowed to wear these daily contact lenses per day ( - b4 disposing them)? - what is the limit?

Although I DONT RECOMMEND IT, I've worn the dailies for up to 3 months and I've worn 2-week disposables up to 6 months - BUT that is with taking them out every night and using a daily cleaner daily and a protein remover tablet weekly. Be very careful though. Keep them clean and if you see any impurity that will not come off or if it tears, get new ones!!!

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